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Their jobs require them to work long hours, respond to hundreds of emails, and sacrifice sleep. These characteristics may not be appealing to everyone, but for those who are passionate about their work and find meaning in it, these characteristics may be satisfying. Question No. 2 What do you think are the potential drawbacks of these types of jobs? Answer: The potential drawbacks of these types of jobs are burnout, stress, and lack of work-life balance. Working long hours and constantly being on call can lead to exhaustion and affect an individual’s mental and physical health. Responding to hundreds of emails and messages can also create a sense of urgency and pressure that can lead to stress. Additionally, sacrificing sleep can lead to sleep deprivation, which can affect cognitive function and productivity.

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Case Incident 1 Albertsons work on employee attitude. Question No. 1 Explain the logic as to how Foreman’s 3-day course could positively influence Albertson’s profitability. Answer: The logic behind foreman’s exercise can easily be proven by the fact that when Ed Foreman joined “Albertson”, he provided motivation and attitude training which resulted in employees living their lives differently. Over the next 3 years the Europe division raked in annual profits of $100 million.

Foreman’s 3 day course, “The successful life program” was the tool that positively influenced Albertsons’s employees, which increased the profitability for the company. This program motivates the employees to work harder which in return makes the company profitable. Question No. 2 Johnston says, “Positive attitude is the single biggest thing that can change a business. ” How valid and generalizable do you think this statement is? Answer: Attitude of employees is one of the main factors that can build up a business.

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Having a positive attitude can make an individual more productive which uplifts a business to another level. Case Incident 1 (Continued) Albertsons work on employee attitude. Question No. 3 If you were Johnston, what could you do to evaluate the effectiveness of your $10-million investment in Foreman’s training program? Answer: I will conduct a survey for every individual who participated in the said program. I may also participate in the said program to check its effectiveness. Question No. 4 If you were an Albertsons’ employee, how would you feel about going through

Foreman’s course? Explain your position. Answer: Like Johnston said, “We are in the business of maintenance and acquisition of customers”. The successful life program is not just for the benefit of the company but for the benefit of every employee. If I was an employee at Albertson’s then being a part of this program would improve my working ability. My perception of everyday tasks would change. I would be able to do my job in a positive and helpful way. Case Incident 2 Long hours, hundreds of emails, and no sleep.

Does this sound like a satisfying job? Question No. 1 Do you think that only certain individuals are attracted to these types of jobs or is it the characteristics of the jobs themselves that are satisfying. Answer: I think it is true that only certain individuals are attracted to such jobs. However the thing that helps these individuals to do such jobs are the characteristics of the job. The people mentioned in this case study are happy with their jobs and cannot wait to go to work every day. Their attitude is so because their jobs demand it.

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