Organizational Behavior – individual assignment Essay

1. Recall a time when you have felt uncomfortable or targeted because of your demographic status. Any example will do. so write about being excluded because of your race, ethnicity, gender, age, disability status, religion, or any other characteristic. Briefly describe the situation, what started the event, how you felt at the time, how you reacted, and how you believe the other party could have made the situation better. I have an experience about discrimination of appearance when I worked in internship last year. At that time, there were three intern men including me and two more women.

And my manager hates lateness or absence without prior notice. He always stressed and point out frequent lateness or absence without prior notice. But he was generous to new female staff only. She was pretty and very bright but she always late and was absent without notice sometimes. However the manager didn’t warn the female staff and just smiled. Furthermore, lateness and absence are reason for demerit in HR department but she didn’t. On the other hand, I was very scolded and worked by night when I was late for work.

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Organizational Behavior – individual assignment
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I felt bad that people of a good appearance was given special treatment so I lost my passion for the work. It also seemed that my co-workers lost their passion after they felt bad about the situation. The manager seemed to have a prejudice that good-looking women should not run errand and be scolded by anyone. Eventually the manager got bad image in company and female staff got worse with her co-worker, and gossip was spread and that made several parties made. Discrimination makes people to have less desire to work and this problem will cause low productivity, trouble with staff.

Because of that reason, all people in the company, no matter the appearance, they should be treated equal. Also we have to try and make progress in our own field to get reasonable compensation. 2. Now, also think of a time when you might have either deliberately or accidentally done something that make someone else feel excluded or targeted because of their demographic status. Once again, you should briefly describe the situation, what started the event, how you felt at the time, how the other person reacted, and how you could have made the situation better.

The gender discrimination could exist in any country or in any culture. As the time passes, the discrimination in Korea gradually disappears. Nevertheless, the discrimination between gender exists in some ways yet. Sometimes, kind of sexual discrimination occurs in my home. For example, when mother was not in home last night, I told my younger sister to cook and prepare dinner. And she said to me, “You are watching TV now. Why don’t you prepare the dinner with me? ” Then I answered that “Women do housework, so you have to cook right now.

Just do it” She was very upset saying it is sexual discrimination and has not talked to me so far. Now I feel really sorry to her about that and I am going to apologize for what I did last night. Women are all the same rounded person as men. And both men and women are eligible to cook. But why I did women have to cook rice, not men? I wish this kind of sexism will disappear in my home. I’m going to prepare dinner whenever I have some time to cook, and I will cook dinner tonight for my family, and especially for my lovely sister.

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