Pandora: the Greek Godess

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Pandora In Greek mythology, there are many Greek gods and goddesses but one individual is blamed for all the bad in the world. Pandora was created in Mount Olympus out of earth and water; she is defined as endowed with everything and is the name of the first woman on the earth. She was described as charming and beautiful and characterized as mischievous and foolish. Many gods and goddesses gave her gifts, she was given; curiosity, boldness, grace, desire, beauty, a sweet singing voice and a soul.

Revenge is the key word to use as for why Pandora was created. She was created to be a punishment towards Prometheus, because he stole fire from Mount Olympus and gave it to living mortals on earth who were cold and hungry after being told not to. Right then as a punishment Zeus created Pandora so she can bring mischief and misery upon the human race. Pandora was being sent to earth to marry Prometheus’ brother Epimetheus, but before being sent down Zeus gave Pandora a beautifully crafted box but she was forbidden to open it.

With the gift of curiosity she felt like she had no choice but to open the box, voices ran though her head but temptation overruled them. When Pandora opened the lid out flew sorrow, mischief, death and many other misfortunes that could plague all of mankind. Pandora may have been adorned with Grace and beauty and was “all-gifted” but because one of her own gifts she is now the blame for all the evil in the world.

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