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Personal Culture

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My Personal Cultural Background Kim Stringfield-Davis University of Phoenix Soc/315 November 20, 2008 My Personal Cultural Background Within this paper this student will discuss how the aspects of ones cultural background can shape and define the structure of their being. By analyzing each source of ones cultural programming, one can define the how and why of different behaviors, beliefs, and morals. Individuals draw from multiple sources that form their personality and character and this paper will discuss those factors that defined this student.

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While reflecting on the different cultural elements that have influenced my life, it is hard to determine which would be classified as the most significant or the most influential because at different stages of my life, that priority has changed. For simplicities sake, the first influence I will discuss will be that of my parents. I was born to a middle class husband and wife, named Carl and Jane Stringfield, in July of 1965. Due to being “middle class” I was taught the values of hard work, responsibility, honesty, and accountability.

With two parents who felt one does not deserve what one hasn’t worked for, it was instilled in me that laziness was truly one of the worst characteristics one could possible hold. This programming has led me to be hyper-vigilant in my quest to prove my lack of “laziness. ” This can be established by the fact that I currently work one full-time job, manage 14 properties for my family, work part time as a Loreal representative in the mall, sell real estate for a land developer, and attend the University of Phoenix.

In addition to my parents influence, the fact that I had 3 siblings also played a significant role in my cultural programming. Having 2 older sisters and 1 younger brother taught me the art of negotiations, accusation, and participation. Being the middle child of this family, or any family, one must learn that the youngest has the highest level of parental attention, the oldest can instruct and direct you, and the best thing for you to do is to learn to accept your place in the pecking order of a family. Though my siblings taught me a lot in regards to hierarchy, they also taught me about loyalty and trust.

Whenever our parents were “on us” we always could bond together and present a united front. Having this support system gave me confidence and security when dealing with others in social situations. Being born in a rural Tennessee town has contributed to my cultural programming as well. The atmosphere of this town was one of extended family, security and safety. This was especially so as a child. People were open and caring, communities felt a responsibility to other families in their community and everyone “looked out” for one another.

After becoming an adult and moving north to Maryland, it was such a stark contrast to the environment in which I grew up. People were very private, families were made up of only blood relatives, and it was unheard of to show signs of family discord. Having experienced both regions, it only made me appreciate the environment in which I was raised, and was able to raise my children. Being female in this region has also contributed in my cultural makeup. Southern men, or the majority of them, hold a deep respect for women and the place they hold in society.

In the early sixties, women were mainly homemakers and mothers, but that stigma has slowly deteriorated and now being female has rarely held me back from achieving any professional position I desired. I have been employed as a Stock Trader, a Mortgage Loan Officer, and a Real Estate Agent, occupations which once would have been impossible for a female to hold. In general, being female has been something that I have always been proud of, and felt was respected in my immediate cultural circle. The final source of my cultural programming, religion, or my spirituality as I prefer to call it, is what I consider the most important aspect of all nfluences. Spirituality has always played a significant role in my cultural makeup. Though my immediate family was not staunch church goers, my best friends family was, and I was drawn to church beginning at a very young age. My spirituality has become who I am, it has begun to displace many of things that were previously programmed into me, and has made it where less and less outer influences affect my cultural being. Through my spirituality, I have established a set of morals to which I choose to adhere, and ethics that I choose to stand by.

As I age, though it is sometimes a challenge, I plan on the outside culture playing less and less a factor on the person I am and who I have become, and depend wholly on the spirituality that lives within me, regardless of my external environment. As stated in this paper, there have been multiple sources that have shaped my cultural makeup. Each playing a significant, but independent role in forming the person I have become. Though our cultural shapes particular aspects of who we are, being created as individuals allows us to use those aspects in different ways. .

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