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Kant’s Universalizability Theory

Immanuel Kant


Words: 3057 (13 pages)

A real knowledge, one ought to know, goes along with the morality of such knowledge. In so much, before one can be admitted or introduced into a particular area of study, one must be acquainted the morality or the value of such field of study. For this same reasons, morality is very crucial in the…

A Kantian Approach To Business Ethics

Business Ethics


Words: 691 (3 pages)

The writer here talks about a man named Kant who lived in the 18th Century and is best known for defending a version of the “respect for persons” principle which implies that any business practice that puts money on a par with people is immoral or unethical. Kant argued that the highest good was the…

Euthanasia: Kantianism vs Utilitarianism



Words: 1475 (6 pages)

This can be illustrated in the most common case of euthanasia, where the person who is ailing to die suffers from an illness that causes great pain, and will result in his or her demise in the not-so-distant future. In this case, killing the person Would seem to be the most humane and reasonable thing…

Kant’s Categorical and Hypothetical Imperative

Categorical imperative


Words: 1104 (5 pages)

For Immanuel Kant, although everything naturally acts according to law, only rational beings do it consciously. This is the reason that humans experience impulses and desires that conflict with reason. So we experience the claim of reason as an obligation, a command that we act in a particular way, or an imperative. Imperatives may occur…

Edward Snowden Kantian Ethics



Words: 1612 (7 pages)

This has raised multiple ethical issues ranging from national security, information privacy and the ethics behind whistleblowing in general. The reach and impact of these leaks have gone global and have put in question the very overnment that protects us as well as the extent Of the public’s rights on privacy. Various foreign governments have…

Kantutan in the PH


Words: 553 (3 pages)

Bibliographical Introduction Nelson Mandela was the leader and co-founder of the ANCs` military wing – MK. They were responsible for many terrorist attacks and the death of many innocent civilians. He was imprisoned for his terrorist activities. For years a man cut off from the world, Mandela became after his 1990 release an internationally recognizable…

Emmanuel Kant- self-incurred tutelage

Age of Enlightenment


Words: 2865 (12 pages)

Enlightenment is man’s release from his self-incurred tutelage. Tutelage is man’s inability to make use of his understanding without direction from another. Self-incurred is this tutelage when its cause lies not in lack of reason but in lack of resolution and courage to use it without direction from another. Sapere aude!1 “Have courage to use…

Freedom and Reason in Kant



Words: 1505 (7 pages)

Morality, Kant says, cannot be regarded as a set of rules which prescribe the means necessary to the achievement of a given end; its rules must be obeyed without consideration of the consequences that will follow from doing so or not. A principle that presupposes a desired object as the determinant of the will can…

The ethical systems of Kant and Mill: A comparison and contrast Ricardo Renta

Immanuel Kant


Words: 2174 (9 pages)

What part does happiness play in determining the morality of an act in a situation? Can a concept that ties morality to the search of happiness truly be rational? What of the opposite? Is it possible to view every situation with objectivity, never taking into account an emotion (like happiness)? The questions above concern themselves…

Kant’s theory and its Criticism

Categorical imperative


Words: 714 (3 pages)

            Kant has put across various criticisms against other ethical theories which have been put across. Kant did not believe in any outcome to be inherently good, he says that happiness or pleasure could result from the worst evil acts, Kant did not believe in good character traits such as intelligence, ingenuity or courage since…

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