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Personal Ethical Viewpoin

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My personal ethical viewpoint has become clearer after coming down to the final days of class. I have learned a lot in this past nine weeks. I haven’t developed any blind spots in being ethical in certain situations, but some people do have blind spots and they do not even realize it. My ethical lens reflects on my core values which are extremely respectful in every way, I always take the time to ask myself questions to evaluate if it is unethical or not.

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Personal Ethical Viewpoin
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I would have to say my strengths are always considering everyone else’s feelings and their outlook on what they believe in when coming down to proper ethics. I always take the time to think, if I say a certain thing will this affect someone else in a negative way, I am always respectful even if it is hard to do. My weakness is that sometimes I let my feelings get in the way if someone makes an unethical comment, these tend to always offend me.

I feel as if I can explain proper ethics to this said person and show them how using proper ethics has a great deal of benefits. I also trust reasonable systems to solve most problems instead of trying to do it myself. My values include my family, friends, my job, and using proper ethics when it comes to important situations. My behaviors are always carefully thought out with the up most respect when coming into view with using proper ethics. How might you use your personal ethics to determine a course of action?

The way I would use my personal ethics to determine a course of action is first, I would try to weigh out the positive and negatives of any situation. Mainly on what is the right thing to do, could I live with the guilt in making a decision that is unethical? I always think what if it was me, is this decision going to affect someone else’s feelings? Will this be something that affects someone else’s outlook on my ethics? I always use my ethics to determine the right decision, not the one that has a negative outcome.

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