Ethical Dilemma on Capital Punishment

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In this modern era, we know that the code of ethics play a vital role in the life of every individual. These codes of ethics and moral rules, we learn from the culture, tradition, and religion we have been growing up in. In this particular paper, I am going to discuss about the topic which is “Ethical Dilemma on Capital Punishment”. The term “Ethical Dilemma” can be described as a complex situation which occurs when our moral rules and principles start conflicting with each other.

It is also called as an “Ethical Paradox”. In this paper, I will be focusing on the various key facts in terms of the course “Ethics” which will further explain the significant factors which are also accountable for an individual to reconsider the moral rules and principles what he has learnt. The topic “Ethical Dilemma on Capital Punishment” will include a massive amount of research to discuss the aspects which are mainly responsible for one to contradict with the moral rules what he has gained.

This research will contain the perspectives from the various key elements such as a neutral public, a judge, and the religion. In the viewpoint of neutral public, I will concentrate on their minds what they usually think when someone commits a crime such as whether or not a person must be given a sentence of death. Further, a judge has to maintain the code of conduct to fulfill his roles and duties what he has been assigned to follow and perform in order to provide a sense of justice in the favor of public services.

The main focus will also be on the religion factor, as in some of the religions it has been stated that “To kill someone is unethical”. This will further contradict the main points applied to this term “Capital Punishment”. As these factors really do focus on the different perspectives which are mainly to be considered when it comes to the code of ethics to be applied in the process which is executed in the favor of giving justice to the humanity or the welfare towards the public.

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