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Personal Hurricane Evacuation Plan

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Hurricane is one of the common natural disasters which cause immense damages to human life and properties. This paper explains various possible damages hurricane can cause and also the possible protection plan one might take to prevent heavy losses from hurricane

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Personal Hurricane Evacuation Plan
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Hurricanes are classified into different categories based on the wind speeds and potential damages. “According to the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale, a Category 1 hurricane has lighter winds compared to storms in higher categories. A Category 4 hurricane would have winds between 131 and 155 mph and, on the average, would usually be expected to cause 100 times the damage of the Category 1 storm” (Hurricane Hazards: Winds) Poorly constructed buildings can be easily uprooted by a heavy hurricane.

High rise buildings and mobile buildings are vulnerable to hurricane. Hurricane can uproot big trees and the trees nearer to the houses can cause heavy damages to the houses.

Hurricane evacuation plan

Hurricane evacuation plan should be planned in three stages. At the first stage the precautions needed to face a hurricane must be planned.

For example the property and the house security must be ensured first. Windows are more vulnerable to hurricane and hence in order to protect it, permanent storm shutters for windows and board up windows with 5/8” marine plywood, cut to fit and ready to install, like facilities must be prepared well in advance. The roof of the house is another area to be protected. Using additional traps or clips, the roof must be strengthened. The nearest trees and shrubs of the home must be trimmed or removed. The loosely bounded clogged rain gutters and downspouts must be cleared. At least one safe room must be preplanned in case of an emergency due hurricane. Ensure that this safe room may withstand the possible threats caused by a hurricane. (Before a Hurricane)In the second stage of precautions must be implemented at the time when hurricane happens. All the doors of the houses should be closed after bringing in all the outdoor objects which you may feel to be secured. Telephones must be used only in case of an emergency. Stay indoors only during hurricane and always keep a distance from the windows and doors. The safe room must be utilized in case of emergency. (During a Hurricane)The third stage of hurricane management plan should be implemented after the hurricane. In this stage helping all the family members and neighbors to come out from the hurricane stress is an important thing. Assemble all the survivors to carry out the relief works by coordinating with the authorities.


Most of the damages and casualties caused by hurricanes can be reduced if we are better prepared. The houses must be strengthened and the personal valuable belongings must be conserved using appropriate techniques. A well defined evacuation plan is much needed to deal with hurricane like natural calamities.

Hurricane Evacuation Plan 4


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