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Essays on Hurricane Katrina

FEMA and Hurricane Katrina

Introduction. In the history of American natural disasters, the Hurricane Katrina is notorious for being one of the worst. Its origins lay is an August 2005, tropical storm that became more and more virulent in its sojourn and crashed onto the United States coast line. On the 29th of August, 2005 this hurricane smashed onto …

The impacts of the Hurricane Katrina on the United States

ABSTRACT Never before in the history of the United States, had this nation witnessed and suffered from such a costly and severe hurricane like Katrina, which occurred in August, 2005. This paper, based on secondary research, discusses the influences of Katrina on the American life. In particular, the findings explore and answer three questions of …

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Hurricane Katrina

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Hurricane Katrina’s Effect on the Socioeconomic Status of Victims

Hurricane Katrina’s Effect on the Socioeconomic Status of Victims             Each year, countries around the world experience natural calamities such as flooding, fires, typhoons, earthquakes and many others. For a country like the United States of America, it seems that it can recover immediately from any destructive events. But when Hurricane Katrina hit the American …

Economic Impact of Hurricane Katrina

The impact of Katrina on the housing market in New Orleans: overall economic consequences and racial discrimination following the disaster |Maastricht University | | | | |School of Business & Economics | | | | |Place & date: |Liege | | | | |Name, initials: |Bontemps, GM | |For assessor only | | |ID number: …

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