The Hurricane Directed by Norman Jewison

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I should first congratulate you for your profound insight in deciphering the emotional manipulation that Norman Jewison intends to achieve through his The Hurricane film. This is because, just as you have said, the movie really has deep emotional connotations owing to the extremely hard life that Rubin Carter faces.  You are also right in identifying the deep racial undertones that underlies this film. Specifically, your fury towards Detective Della’s overt racism is justified because Della’s injustice really dehumanizes Carter.

The fact that you felt happy when Carter is assisted by Lesra to institute legal proceedings to defend himself further proves that the director has succeeded in manipulating viewers’ emotions. Apart from this, I would however ask for clarification on how Lesra and Rubin have Biblical names. Otherwise, your post is very insightful and detailed and is thus worthy of praise.

Your discernment regarding the various emotions that Jewison’s The Hurricane film evokes demonstrates that the movie is successful in triggering off emotional manipulation.  Moreover, this observation demonstrates that you are a sensitive and perceptive individual. It is thus factual that the movie’s depiction of the various emotional dispositions that Carter demonstrates arouses audiences’ feelings.

Moreover, your explanation that Jewison aims to show that love transcends all boundaries through the movie is praiseworthy. You are also right in asserting that hatred symbolically ties persons to their past. This is because after Carter allows love to come into his life, he reacquires his past humanity.

I should thus congratulate you for having the hindsight to detect the directors theme a sis evident through Carter’s experiences and actions. By relating this theme to real-life events, you demonstrate the wider application of the movie – a commendable undertaking.  Once, again, congrats for delivering a very educative and well thought out post.


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