Personal Values and Ethic Decesion

Personal values are the things that matter to us. They are the behaviors and characteristics that guide and motivate our decision-making process. Values matter because they make us feel better when we live according to them. People are different, and what matters to me might matter to another person. Nursing is a discipline founded on specific human values. This paper defines my topmost personal values and how they help me in my ethical decision-making process.

My top 3 Values


Caring is the act of showing kindness and concern for others. I am emphatic and respect my colleagues and patients. I show care for the people I interact with at my workplace. I am determined to meet my patient’s needs; therefore, I offer them a courteous service. I try to tune into the patient’s experiences in managing their care. I respect the dignity of people and appreciate their independence and self-actualization.

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I endure under challenging circumstances. I quietly hope and trust that things will work out the right way. I picture the final results of the endurance process and try to work towards my goals. Patience helps me commit to the future. I tolerate waiting and delays without getting frustrated or agitated about it. I remain calm in the face of adversity. Patience helps me control natural impulses that are capable of leading me astray.


I fight against social injustice and advocate for justice. I offer my support to oppressed and vulnerable individuals. I promote public sensitivity about justice and help my clients get access to essential services, information, and resources. I value equal engagement with clients.

The Importance of My Personal Values

My personal values are the essence of who I am. They are the principles I hold on to be of worth in my life. Values help me make decisions that align with who I am and achieve the desired outcome. They help me shape my thoughts and act in the ways that I deem right both consciously and subconsciously. Personal values help me act in the direction I want my life to go to. They are guiding principles that dictate my behavior. They unlock and reinforce my individuality because they challenge me to consider what makes me unique and special in the way I impact the people around me (Eltaiba, 2019).

How Nursing Challenges My Values

As a health care professional, I am always faced with ethical dilemmas in my workplace. Nursing sets the professional standards that are required to provide high-quality and safe care. The perspective of professional values on nursing affects the decision-making process regarding patient care. The perspective lies in maintaining the confidentiality of patient information, providing safety to patients’ privacy rights, and recognize the role professional nursing associations play in shaping healthcare policies (Poorchangizi, Farokhzadian, & Abbaszadeh, 2017). Nursing clarifies professional practices, professional norms, and the quality of professional care. The complex ethical issues in nursing require me to make clinical decisions.

Comparison of My Personal Values With Baccalaureate Essentials

Liberal education gives nurses the intellectual and ability to practice nursing and engage with larger communities. It teaches communication, and critical thinking, analysis, and inquiry skills; both are spoken and written word. Both my values and Baccalaureate Essentials emphasize the need for safety and quality care for patients, such as participation in patient safety initiatives and continuously improving the safety and quality of health care. Both values advocate for human subjects and integrating patient preferences in evaluating outcomes of care. The Baccalaureate Essentials encourage the use of decision-making tools in supporting safe practice for both patients and health workers (Schmidt, 2016). Both my models and the Baccalaureate Essentials promote social justice in healthcare delivery. Communication and collaboration in Baccalaureate Essentials advocates for safe patient care, which is similar to my caring personal value.

How Values Affect My Nursing Practice

Nursing involves caring and helping the people around us. I am sensitive; I try to understand and vicariously experience the experiences, thoughts, and feelings of the people around me, including my patients and their families. Patience helps me wait without complaining and accept mistakes and difficulties and committing to the wellbeing of my patients.


Nursing is a profession that involves caring for people. Social values such as patience, caring, justice, and integrity are essential for safe and quality healthcare delivery. Defining personal values and living by them makes one more fulfilled and guides their decision-making process even if other people don’t understand them.

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