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While the Air Force states the AF core values of integrity first, service before self and excellence in all we do are the values we should live by, there are personal values that we as individuals deem significant. We as Airmen must try to incorporate our personal values into the core values that the Air Force places on us. The personal values that mean the most to me are dependability, humility, inclusivity, consistency, and kindness. These five personal values correspond to the core values I am expected to have in the workplace. It is my duty as an Airmen to try and align them with one another so that there is cohesion or make sure that my personal values don’t impede on the core values of the Air Force.

My definition of dependability is the characteristic of being reliable and trustworthy. I believe that making sure that I carrying-out my promises is important to being dependable. Taking account of what promises I make, and always following through on them will show my peers that they can count on me. On the other side, learning to say that I can’t accept a certain amount of responsibility also shows dependability. I only say yes if I am positive that I can complete the task and without any uncertainty. Saying no does not mean that I am unreliable. Rather, it shows that I recognize the importance of the responsibility I could be taking on. Depending on others as well is also very important. The most effective way to show that I can be depended on is to put my trust in other people. Integrity and dependability both require transparency and complete honesty. Integrity first means my words must be completely truthful so that I maintain the trust that unites me and my fellow Airmen. In order to be considered dependable to my peers, I must do what is right, even when no one is looking. If my words and actions are contradicting each other, it will affect how I am perceived. It gives the perception that I am not dependable, especially when it comes to the things that I am saying and if they are questionable in nature.

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Humility is the quality of showing modesty and being free from excessive pride or arrogance. By being truly humble I can identify and welcome my own strengths and weaknesses without becoming defensive. Both service before self and humility demand a subservient attitude in order to succeed at achieving them. Service before self is not only putting duty above all else but it also means to place the well-being of my fellow Airmen ahead of my own personal needs. I need to show humility in order to do things for my peers so that they can succeed. When I do not have the desire to place myself before others and instead put my subordinates before myself, that is where service before self happens.

Inclusivity is the practice of including all groups, regardless of race, gender, class, sexuality and many more attributes that diversify people. I value differences because it allows for different perspectives. It gives everyone a chance to contribute their different points-of-view and discuss those opinions openly. Excellence in all we do and inclusivity share the concept of fellowship. The Air Force explains that one of the key concepts of excellence in all we do is that we as Airmen must understand that excellence in our organization is only achievable by working together to accomplish a common goal. Teamwork is required at every level and we must recognize the significance of each Airmen’s contribution in order to fulfill the mission. The Air Force is all about cultivating a team mentality, so by fostering inclusivity and accepting people as they are, we can come together and work as a cohesive unit to strive for excellence. Humans are the Air Forces most precious resource and humans need to be treated with importance, so creating an environment where everyone feels included will help push the mission forward.

Consistency to me is constantly adhering to the same principles and beliefs while not being self-contradictory. It’s the opposite of saying one thing and then doing something completely different. Consistency is important because it develops routines and maintains the message I am trying to convey. Consistency compares to integrity in that they need you to be steadfast in what you believe to be right. If I have integrity at all times even in situations when it’s hard to be, people will recognize that I am consistent in telling the truth and will put their trust in me. In order to carry out excellence in all we do I do I must have consistency when it comes to doing quality work. By setting a standard for getting things done on time and doing it the right way I can develop that consistency. That way every time that I have to do those tasks I am doing them with the best of my ability.

I define kindness as being generous, helpful, and caring about other people; or acting in a way that shows that you care. Kindness is important because it broadens my perspective. I can put myself in the shoes of the recipient of my kindness and how my words may effect them. Kindness also includes being kind to myself. Oftentimes I am quick to acknowledge the achievements of others, but slow to acknowledge my own. When I fail, make a mistake, or do something wrong, I try to show compassion and lift myself up just like I would do for others. Service before self and kindness resemble each other through having respect for others. Service before self depends upon kindness by placing others ahead of your own desires. Kindness is required to treat my peers with dignity and value them as individuals and knowing all Airmen possess fundamental worth as human beings. Being kind to my peers and subordinates shows that I care about them. It tells them that I take their inputs and values into consideration and when I don’t demean them it creates stronger relationships. Strong relationships within the workplace helps the mission move forward and succeed.

The Air Force core values distinguish what is important to the Air Force. Integrity first, service before self and excellence in all we do are a framework of what it means to be an Airmen and how to approach life. They influence the overall behavior of the force. However, everyone has their own personal values and we must create personal involvement and alignment within the AF core values in order to succeed. In conclusion, my personal values of dependability, humility, inclusivity, consistency and kindness are important to abide by not only in my personal life but in the workplace as well.

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