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Personal Values Reflection

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  • Pages 2
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    After completing the values sheet I learned a few things about myself. My top three values were, from first to third, Job security, and money and safety which both tied with seven check marks each. The thing I gathered from this is that I am willing to go wherever the paycheck takes me, I want to live comfortably and have a job that I truly want to do whatever that may be. These values give me quite a bit of variety in what my options are which can be good or bad depending on how some might look at it.

    The events and experiences that have shaped me and my values come from a variety of factors. While I can’t exactly put a quantity on how much each individual variable has affected my life, I can list a few that I know have provided some influence in the kind of person I am today. I think that, like most people, parents are a huge factor in what your values are regardless of whether you want to follow in their footsteps. I think that my friends have also influenced the way I am. Just the fact of having friends and what stories and experiences that we had contributed to the values that I have today. Another factor was my football coach, and the sport of football itself. The person I was when I joined my High-School team and when I left were vastly different and the main factor was football. I learned to be a team player, to be there for others and do your part not because you want to, but because it must get done.

    I hope that these results will help me in my search for my passion. I still have no idea what that is but I am hopeful that with some more research and the help of this reflection on my values, I will be able to discover what it is I should do with my life. One of the career paths I have been considering, Journalism, is one that really depends on where you are in terms of fulfilling my most important criteria. In bigger cities, and in bigger companies, the pay is much more compared to smaller more rural areas. I would prefer to live in a small-town setting; however, it is something I am willing to sacrifice if that is what it takes to live comfortably.

    This value’s sheet was a step forward towards making my decision. If I simply had been asked what my values are, I am not sure I could accurately put them into words and this sheet has helped me do that. Hopefully this will guide me in the right direction towards something that I will be excited and passionate about.

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