Values Reflection Paper

This value reflections paper will identify my core values as an individual. It will explain how people in general acquire values and change their values also. I will explain what values do for people and to people. The value reflections paper will explain the nature and the importance of human values in the workplace. My core values began from my growing up in a household with a strong mother. After the passing of my father, my mom had to raise five children alone.

My father owned business’s so that helped, but my mom always instilled that education is the key to success. The core value system for our household was honesty, (if you give your word you keep it, your word is the only thing you can give that no, one else can give). Loyalty is a core factor for me, because this is injunction with trust and honesty. Loyalty means we stick together to achieve the desired goal. Teamwork plays a big role within the family unit and the workplace. People acquire values by the environment they are born into.

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Values are built and instilled by the family, the religious beliefs, and the friends of the family, the education that he or she was brought up in, the media, the economic status and where the family grew up and was raised. Most people values are imprinted in their DNA from their ancestry and family make up. This acquires from their belief system of their family from birth to about six to seven years of age. The identification process begins about the age of seven to eight years of age to about thirteen to fourteen years of age. This is called the modeling stage. We shift into intense modeling: relating to family, friends, and external “heroes” in the world around us. We observe people we would “like to be like” carefully. As a result, our initial close models give way to more expanded contacts. ” (Whisenand, Chapter Chapter 2, 2009). During the modeling stage you began to build self values that gain strong opinions.

Beginning in the early teens such as thirteen and fourteen to twenty years old the individuals begin to socialize with peers. Upon the socialization phase individuals begin to group themselves with other young teens and young adults that they relate to. During this period of adolescence, we define and integrate the values, beliefs, and standards of our particular culture into our own personalities. ” (Whisenand, Chapter Chapter 2, 2009). Values may change do to significant emotional events or SEE. SEE or significant emotional events can be a wonderful experience or a horrifying situation of the present actions, beliefs or patterns. Some examples of wonderful experiences can be getting a terrific raise, bonus or recognition from one’s boss. Some examples of horrifying situations can be a reprimand, demotion or loss of the job altogether.

These situations may play on the core values of an individual. For example is the company is not doing very well and they give the individual a demotion, the individual may no longer value loyalty and trust when it comes to the workplace. The extreme dissatisfaction with the outcome of the situation influences the individual’s values or at least begins to weaken the values he or she has held fast to. Our values identify who we are. These are the characteristics that make individuals different but also make groups similar.

People graduate, towards common traits outside of their family and environment. Values can clear up conflicts or cause more issues being people think different. This value reflections paper identifies my core values that I have as an individual. It has explained how people in general acquire values and changes their values after many years of believing in these values. I have explained what values do for people and to people. The value reflections paper has explained the nature and the importance of human values in the workplace.

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