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The Time Sharers Call Center

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The Time Sharers Call CenterMGT/521
16 March 2015
Kenneth Pinaire

“Everyone needs a vacation sometime, heck all the time. If you had to pick one place, how much would you pay for a hotel? Why would you pay for a hotel? When you could have a home of your own, call us at Time Sharers 1800 YOU TIME.” (Time Sharers Team D) Understanding that vacation is important to every family everywhere, we Team D have set out to revamp or customer service. Ensuring that Team D’s Time Sharers is the best timeshare call center, we will use the control process to better our customer service while evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of our employees.

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The Time Sharers Call Center
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Assignment clarification
Timeshares has always been a great company. We have had the least amount of turn over for a large call center corporation. We pride ourselves in our high retention rate for employees and customers. Although, after our expansion we have seen a decrease in sales, services and the number of referrals, we normally receive.

Even though we are the premier company, Priceline just opened up their timeshare Negotiator call center across the street, but they cannot beat us out with their prices. Instead of waiting for them to redefine us as a company we are going to reenergize our customer loyalty program. By implementing sustainable and in expensive controls to evaluate our employee’s efficiency and effectiveness, we should be able to regain some of the business we have lost.
The control process “The control process is a three-step process of measuring actual performance, comparing actual performance against a standards, and taking managerial action to correct deviations or to address inadequate standards. The control process assumes that performance standards already exist, and they do. They’re the specific goals created during the planning process.” (Robbins, S. P., & Coulter, M P. 489) Through the use of concurrent and feedback controls, Timeshares can create…

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