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After making the personality trials in tutorial 2. I would wish to reflect something about my ain personality. Besides. I have some sentiment about the trait theory and the behavioural positions of personality theories.

To get down with. I would wish to sum up my ain personality based on the NEO-FFI personality trial. Harmonizing to Weiten ( 1995 ) and the consequences that I have obtained above. I am instead unagitated. relaxed and have less negative emotionalism. Besides. I am a small bit conventional and non excessively chatty ( Weiten. 1995 ) . The consequences besides indicate that I am non funny and creativeness ( Weiten. 1995 ) . In add-on. I am non excessively helpful and concerted. Finally. I am reliable and productive ( Weiten. 1995 ) . Among the five facets. I got the highest tonss in conscientiousness and the lowest in neurosis. Compared with the general college pupils. I have lower tonss in Neuroticism. Openness to Experience. and a higher mark in Conscientiousness. While for Extraversion and Agreeableness. my consequences are really near to the general college students’ .

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First. for Neuroticism. I score 19 and is lower than the norm by 3. 49. which is a medium sum. For the Extraversion. I score 28 and the norm is 29. 22. which means that I am somewhat lower than the norm. For the Openness to Experience. I score 22 and is lower than the norm by 5. 62. which is a rather big sum. For Agreeableness. I score 29 and it is really near to the norm ( 28. 76 ) . Last. for Conscientiousness. I score 35. a higher-than-norm mark. while the norm is 30. 21. Using the statistics knowledge. I found that the two factors that I score near to the mean ( E and A ) have the lowest standard divergence ( 5. 97 and 5. 24 severally ) . If the standard divergence is smaller. it means that one should hit closer to the mean from a general point of position. Besides. the other three factors ( N. O and C ) that I score non near to the mean have a larger standard divergence ( 7. 92. 6. 08 and 7. 19 severally ) . And this really means that people in general have more utmost features in the three factors that have larger standard divergence ( N. O and C ) .

The above analysis is merely based on my NEO-FFI personality trial consequences and the general college students’ consequences. And besides. personally. I think the NEO-FFI can accurately depict my personality features since what the trial consequences show is truly rather near to my personality from my point of position. Therefore. in add-on to the statistical and numerical analysis. I would wish to utilize my ain existent life illustrations to farther confirm my trial consequences. One of my features is that. I easy laugh. I laugh really frequently in many state of affairss. take the last psychological science tutorial lessons as an illustration. one clip I laugh merely because I do non cognize some particular footings my schoolmates were speaking approximately. Because of express joying so frequent. I by and large feel relax and is non likely to believe about something that are negative. This can corroborate my trial consequences for Neuroticism. The 2nd distinguishable feature is that. I do non hold wide involvements.

Take the comparing between my and friend as an illustration. Although friends around me like researching new staff. such as executing thaumaturgy and shopping for manner things. I do non hold much involvement in these countries. However. I like larning computing machine staff. watching life and reading cartoon strips really much. My narrow involvements confirm my trial consequence for Openness to see. Lastly. I am rather dependable and productive since Form 4 in secondary school. For illustration. I have been as an I. T prefect for the last three secondary old ages. And another illustration is that. I am used to be a group leader in making undertakings. This can corroborate my high conscientiousness. On the whole. I think what the trial consequences tell are truly near to my personality.

Besides cognizing more clearly about my personality. I besides know more about the personality theories after the tutorial lesson. In the lesson. I have really learnt a batch more about trait theory. things about personality consistence. peculiarity. Besides. I besides learn the different stance between personality consistence from trait theory and the function of societal state of affairs. The function of societal state of affairs provinces that a person’s behaviour is non instead consistent with their personality ( Weiten. 1995 ) . This opposes the trait theory’s personality consistence. I personally partially agree with personality consistence and partially aggress with the function of societal state of affairs. I think that a person’s behaviour is more or less the same in many state of affairss. but non in every state of affairs.

Take me as an illustration. I easy laugh in many state of affairss. But in some state of affairss. say university admittance interview. I will comprehend that the state of affairs is so serious that I could non express joy and so doing myself a bit nervous. So. there have state of affairss that will do me a bit nervous. and so I partially agree with both sides. Actually. I think it is non merely my instance. many people’s behaviour is by and large consistent in many state of affairss and in some particular state of affairs they will act a spot different. In the universe. people will act queerly that can non be easy explained. different state of affairs and different people will ensue different behaviour.

For the personality peculiarity. I agree with this really much. Personality peculiarity provinces that every individual person will hold at least some different personality ; they will barely happen person that has the precisely same features ( Weiten. 1995 ) . Take the personalities of me and my brother as an illustration. although many people told me that me and my brother are really much alike. non merely speaking about the visual aspect. but besides the personality. However. as I know my brother really much. I found that there are two little differences between me and him. First. he is more chatty and more sociable than me. Second. he is even more dependable and productive than me. Though the difference is little. everyone will hold his or her alone features.

In decision. I have known a batch more about my personality and how to construe personality issues from the psychological science point of position.


Weiten. W. ( 1995 ) . Themes & A ; Variations 3/e. Mexico: Brooks/Cole Printing Company.

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