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Peters Presentation: Message to an Old Lady

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Peters Presentation
Ladies and Gentleman:
Welcome to Candlelight product introduction. I’m Michaelia. Candlelight You may curious about what we do? Selling candles? Certainly not. We are company dedicate to old age education. You may ask What’s the difference between us with other elderly universities and learning network for the old ? Apart courses, we offer a great sharing platform as well. What if old people can’t use computers? Don’t worry courses on line is simply one of approaches.

They are also available by watching TV. In today’s presentation, we will cover industry analysis, product introduction, competitive analysis, marketing strategies, sales and customers service, enterprise culture and finance.
Let’s first analyze industry and target customers. At the end of 2014 , the number of total population is 1.36billion. Old people over 60 account for 15.5% , over 65, 10.1%. According to these data, China meets a criterion as a typical aging society. Confronted with double stress from work and life, taking care of old people is beyond the reach for young people or middle aged.

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Peters Presentation: Message to an Old Lady
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So, there’s urgent need for products or services tailored for the old. As for customer segment, we decide to focus on old people who are willing to enrich their life by learning and sharing but it’s not convenient for them to go out for study. With the development of material level, the obvious trend is that spiritual needs are of equal importance with need for food, clothes and shelters. Allowing for those who live without children company, the number of this part of old people has accounted for over 50%. What’s more, taking into physical condition consideration and the fact that most of old people have the duty of taking care of their grandchildren, our company aim at providing convenient ways for the old to learn and share.
After focusing on the target customers, it’s time to talk about our products.
Candlelight aims at providing courses…

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