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Physicist And Genius Albert Einstein

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Albert Einstein was a famous scientist, Physicist &Genius. Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany. In 1880 the Einstein family moved to Munich. In 1886 he started elementary school in a Catholic public school. In 1894, his family moved to Milan, leaving him in Munich to finish school.

The next year, Albert left school without finishing to find his family in Italy. In 1895 he enrolled in high school in Aarau, Switzerland. The next year he meets his future wife, Mileva Maric, at Zurich technical institute.

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Physicist And Genius Albert Einstein
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Albert applied for Swiss citizenship in 1899 and was granted that citizenship in 1901. In 1902 many events happened in Alberts life. He moved to Bern to teach mathematics, his father died, and his first daughter was born.

In 1909 Albert received an honorary doctorate from the University of Geneva and in 1911 he accepted a full professorship at the University of Prague. The Einstein family moved to Berlin in 1914, right before World War I started. In 1918, Albert went to visit his family in Zurich, where they moved prior to WW I.

Albert and Mileva are divorced the next February. Many things happen over the next 20 years. Including his remarriage, several visits to the US where he received a research fellowship at Oxford University, and he becomes a professor at Princeton. In 1936 Alberts second wife, Elsa, dies. Three years later, World War II breaks out and Einstein moves to America and becomes a US citizen in 1940.

Eight years later his doctor discovered an aortic aneurysm in his abdomen. Einstein is informed that if it bursts he will die. In 1952, Einstein was invited to become president of Israel, but he refuses. On April 18, 1955 Einstein dies in his sleep after refusing surgery on his ruptured aneurysm.

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