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Picture Of Dorian Gray Q

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/Ahmet Ercin 08A.

1. Who is the picture on page 209 referring to? How did Billy meet her? Describe their relationship.
Answer: A pornographic model who stars in a film shown in a pornographic bookstore when Billy stops by to check out the Kilgore Trout novels sitting in the window. She is also abducted and placed in Billy’s habitat on Tralfamadore, where they have sex and produce a child.

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Picture Of Dorian Gray Q
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2. Billy has a prayer on the wall: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom always to tell the difference”.

Analyse how this is so fitting for this novel.
Answer: This part takes place in Ch 3, where Billy was taken to Tralfamadore, or kidnapped… in 1968. The same words were engraved on the outside of the locket of Montana Wildhacks silver chain necklace. This beautiful prayer in this book is showing a relationship between how Billy tries to be Tralfamadorian and human at the same time, that he knows more than what other normal humans do.

He also tries to get other people to believe in that he has knowledge about a fourth dimension world. Tralfamadorians says that humans cannot make out the difference between the things they cannot change this because there is no actual difference.

3. What does “The Children’s Crusade” refer to? And why is that such a fitting title? Discuss the term “The Children’s Crusade”.
Answer: The writer tells Mary O’Hare that the subtitle of his book will be ‘Children’s Crusade’ or actually he promises to do so, this was because she got in anger telling him that the warriors were only babies during the war. She never wanted the war to happen and she certainly did not want him to glorify the war. Because then it would only become more wars which would mean that in her case, her babies will be forced to fight in a war someday.
I would not agree to ‘The Children’s Crusade’ being a fitting title for this book though I must say that I really loved and admire that he.

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