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The Picture of Dorian Gray

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Dorian Gray and The Narcissus Comparison

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Words: 831 (4 pages)

The myth of Narcissus is a good illustration of the harm that entire ego? love can make to a individual. There is a misconception about egotistic people. This confusion is the belief that egotistic people are in love with themselves, but harmonizing to the DSM? lll standards published in 1989, the narcissus is non in…

The Picture Of Dorian Gray: Research And Analysis Paper

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Words: 328 (2 pages)

Few ideas are considered important when discussing the Victorian era; two main ideas stand out throughout the period, which are the importance of art and perfection in a personality. One Historian said, “The Victorian era ushered in great literary and poetic works from famous artist who published their masterpieces in the Americas. Aestheticism, a movement…

A Biblical Comparison to the Picture of Dorian Gray

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Words: 1907 (8 pages)

A Biblical Comparison to The Picture of Dorian Gray The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde is the story of a man who sells his soul to the devil in exchange for eternal youth. Dorian Gray is a young man of extraordinary beauty and innocence. Basil Hallward, a young talented artist, recognizes the purity…

The Picture of Dorian Gray

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Words: 1652 (7 pages)

The concept of beauty is subjective and varies from person to person. The saying “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” illustrates this notion, as individuals have different opinions about what they consider attractive. Furthermore, personal likes and dislikes influence how one perceives beauty since everyone has their own unique definition based on their…

Lies and Life: The Portrait of Dorian Gray in Dialogue with Aestheticism’s Aesthetics

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Words: 4666 (19 pages)

In The Portrait of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde writes, “The way of paradoxes is the way of truth. To test reality we must see it on the tight rope” (ch 3). In many ways, this line captures the spirit of the entire novel. This book cannot exist entirely in a vacuum, for it was too…

The Picture of Dorian Gray Characters

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Words: 322 (2 pages)

Harry is Pan, the piper who leads Dorian on his path to destruction, decadence, and moral decay. As with Pan, the merry and much-loved god, the victim of the god’s attention does not fare well. As Pan had Syrinx and Echo, Harry has Dorian. Pan caused madness and panic with his passions; Harry seems to…

Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde Analysis

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Words: 252 (2 pages)

Wild’s description of Sibyl Vane as a caged bird invokes the thought that Doorman’s love for Sibyl has trapped her. There are two instances where the imagery of her entrapment is brought up, “the Joy of a caged bird in her voice” and “in her prison of passion” are both statements where the common entity…

Comparative on Grendel and The Picture of Dorian Gray

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Words: 831 (4 pages)

A comparative essay on Grendel” and “The Picture of Dorian Gray.” The roles and functions of female characters in Grendel and The Picture of Dorian Gray reflect several attributes of contemporary women. In Grendel, the only female character that embodies these elements is Grendel’s mother. On the other hand, The Picture of Dorian Gray” features…

In Cold Blood/Picture of Dorian Gray: Redemption

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Words: 1019 (5 pages)

Redemption is a binary concept – success is achieved by fully acknowledging and regretting one’s wrongdoings, while failure entails clinging to a troubled past indefinitely. True redemption is characterized by accepting accountability and expressing genuine remorse, followed by the performance of virtuous actions to offset the negative ones, ultimately restoring equilibrium in their life. Truman…

Dorian Gray Ambiguous Characters


The Picture of Dorian Gray

Words: 636 (3 pages)

In Oscar Wilde’s novel, “The Picture of Dorian Gray” one of the main characters Lord Henry Wotton is portrayed, as morally ambiguous. Wilde reveals Lord Henry’s ambiguous character through the way he talks, he has a more charming tone to him, but he leads a conversation in such a seducing way Dorian falls under his…

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author Oscar Wilde
genre Philosophical fiction, decadent literature
originally published June 20, 1890
description The Picture of Dorian Gray is a philosophical novel by Oscar Wilde. A shorter novella-length version was published in the July 1890 issue of the American periodical Lippincott's Monthly Magazine. The longer version was published as a book in April 1891.
characters Dorian Gray, Lord Henry Wotton, Basil Hallward, Sibyl Vane, James Vane, Alan Campbell

“You will always be fond of me. “Experience is merely the name men gave to their mistakes.” “Those who find ugly meanings in beautiful things are corrupt without being charming. “To define is to limit.” “I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions.


Text: The Picture of Dorian Gray

Things to know: The story revolves around a portrait of Dorian Gray by Basil Hallward, an artist impressed and infatuated by Dorian’s beauty. Through Basil, Dorian meets Lord Henry Wotton, and he soon is enthralled by the aristocrat’s hedonistic worldview: that beauty and sensual fulfilment are the only things worth pursuing in life.,

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What is the plot of The Picture of Dorian Gray?
Summaries. A corrupt young man somehow keeps his youthful beauty, but a special painting gradually reveals his inner ugliness to all. In 1886, in Victorian London, the corrupt Lord Henry Wotton (George Sanders) meets the pure Dorian Gray (Hurd Hatfield) posing for talented painter Basil Hallward (Lowell Gilmore).
What is the message in The Picture of Dorian Gray?
The book explores the doctrine of Aestheticism: devotion to hedonism, beauty and art for art's sake. Dorian dedicates his life to decadence and sensuous pleasure; while he remains youthful, his portrait gradually ages and decays, reflecting the depravity of his actions.
What is the main theme of the picture of Dorian Gray?
The main theme of The Picture of Dorian Gray is the relationship between beauty and morality. Oscar Wilde plays on the Renaissance idea of the correspondence between the physical and spiritual realms: beautiful people are moral people; ugly people are immoral people.
What does the ending of The Picture of Dorian Gray mean?
The novel ends, like it begins, with the painting. ... The grotesque deformities of the picture come into being in Dorian's own body, while painted Dorian is restored to its original image of spotless beauty. In the end, Dorian gets everything that was coming to him; his choices brought about his own doom.

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