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Pockets of Pool

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Pockets of Pool Problem Statement For this POW imagine a modified pool table in which the only pockets are those in the four corners. This POW will use a “bird’s eye view” or looking at the table from above all the time, with different parts and shapes of the table labeled. Next, imagine that the ball is hit from the lower left, in a diagonal direction that forms a 45 degree angle. Finally, let’s say that every time the ball hits a side of the table, it bounces off in a 45 degree angle, and stays that way until it hits one of the 4 pockets.

The path of the ball will always depend on the shape and size of the table.

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Pockets of Pool
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Like with a square table, the ball will always go directly into the opposite corner pocket without bouncing at all. The task is to figure out what happens to the ball and how this depends on the dimensions on the table.

You should make these assumptions: Both height and width of the table are whole numbers Ball is always shot at a 45 degree angle Ball is always shot from the lower-left corner All shapes must be rectangles Process I started off just drawing different sized rectangles, and in the rectangles I drew the bounces/path it took to get into a pocket.

Then I got a piece of graph paper that has all 60 different sized rectangles. So all I had to do was draw the lines/path the ball took to get into a pocket. As I will show below that I have 60 different sized rectangles and a table that will go with it. ? Solution Well for my solution instead of doing 6 different patterns I did 10. I will clearly list them below: ? Self-Assessment This POW was quite hard at first until I figured out what exactly to do. So when I figured out what to do it came pretty quickly. So I think I deserve at least an A.

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