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Poker Game

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How many of you like to play poker? Well imagine playing and drawing 4 – 6’s. Legend has that is how the 4 – 6 ranch got its name was in a poker game, however the truth is, when the original founder of the ranch, Burke Burnett bought the cattle it was already wearing the brand, however it still makes an interesting story. Today I’m going to inform you on the 4 -6 ranch including a brief history, how the ranch manages as a business and its impact on Guthrie.

Established in 1870, this one-third million acre ranch sits in Guthrie, Texas which is approximately 93 miles east of Lubbock.

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Poker Game
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The land originally was used for thousands of cattle and also was very rich in oil reservoirs. Now it is primarily a cattle company. The ranch has approximately 7,000 mother cows which reproduce yearly. After the calves are weaned they are then sent to a feedlot. The ranch also is known for its Quarter Horses which are bred for speed.

However, the horses, unlike the cattle where a brand of an L on their left shoulder as opposed to the 6666 brand the cattle wear. Along with the cattle side of the 4 – 6 ranch comes the very important business side. Not only do the cattle bring in income for the ranch but on the land also sit’s a supply house.

It serves as a general store and a hardware store for the town and the ranch itself. It also has collectables and souvenirs, from feed to t-shirts, this store has it all. The ranch is also rich with many oil reservoirs. These reservoirs found hundreds of years ago still produce to this day and bring in day. If you have ever driven through the town of Guthrie, you may not have even realized it. The town itself has a school and a court house, but other than that not much. Guthrie, population 203 in 2007, has the 6666 ranch to thank for its existence.

After the great depression, the town nearly dried up, however due to the success of the ranch it still has a spot on the map. The majority of the houses in Guthrie are owned by the ranch and the rest are owned by the school district. This town owes its existence to the ranch. Without it, Guthrie simply would not exist. As you can see the 6666 ranch is full of history, manages well as a business and has had a huge influence on Guthrie. I hope all of you feel better informed on the historic 6666 ranch. Like the motto stats “Horses with a history, brands with a background” I hope you can take a little of both with you today.

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