Company Analysis: Famous Brands

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What is Famous Brands?

Famous Brands Ltd is an investing keeping company listed on the JSE Securities Exchange under the class Cyclical Services: Leisure & A ; amp ; Hotels. The company is an integrated nutrient and drink company whose primary activities include the franchising of hallmarks, either company owned or licensed, to Quick Service Restaurant franchises and the industry and supply of merchandises to these franchisees and the retail trade.

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History of Famous Trade names

Famous Brands was started in the 50’s by a household called Halamandaris ( good that’s their existent name, but were referred to as Halamandres because of a error by an in-migration functionary ) . The household had merely 50 $ between them and wanted to work hard to accomplish something. An thought that was to pave the route of success for this household in the 1960’s was by George, one of the brothers, to give Johannesburg an American manner chophouse by the name of Steers.

Tips was a immense success and because of this many more eating houses were opened and franchising was introduced to the South African market. Unfortunately at the terminal of 37 old ages of difficult transplant the family’s combined interest in the concern merely amounted to R35 – R 40 million. The household wanted more than merely a household concern and so they turned to a adult male by the name Kevin Hedderwick ( now presently the CEO of Famous Brands ) . Hedderwick joined what was so known as Steers Holdings as MD and revolutionised the concern, turning it into a South African franchising giant.

The five nucleus members, Panayiotis, Theofanis, Periklis, John and Babis took the company populace on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange on 9 November 1994 with a portion monetary value of R1. Then in August 2012 the company hits a portion monetary value of R74. From one shop deserving really small to over 2,000 shops and a company worth in surplus of R6 billion. Every trade name held by Famous Brands Limited is the leader in their class. Famous Brands is in fact so successful that they were voted as the first and overall victor in the Financial Mail Top 20 Companies.

Famous Brands is today Africa’s biggest speedy service and insouciant dining eating house franchisor and besides has representation in the United Kingdom. The planetary footmark of the group stands at more than 2 000 franchised eating houses spread across South Africa, 16 African states and the United Kingdom. Following their already successful journey, the stock monetary value hit R100 in August 2013 and is now as of April 2015 sitting at R122.00. The company owns many concerns, but their claim to fame and biggest mainstream trade names include: Tips, Wimpy, Debonairs Pizza, FishAways, M & A ; B, Keg, O’Hagan’s and Milky Lane.

Swot Analysis

No concern can be genuinely successful unless they have undergone a SWOT analysis which aims to exemplify the strengths and failings of the concern every bit good as the chances and menaces present.


  • First and overall victor in the Financial Mail Top 20 Companies
  • The company has strong ethical values which allows trust, unity and honestness within the concern.
  • Net incomes are more than adequate to turn the concern. This is surely the instance for Famous Brands, they are a spiral of upward success.
  • The symbol “Famous Brands” is instantly recognised and trusted by clients.
  • Competent planning means that there is ever clip for originative thought and administration


  • Kevin Hedderwick is an experient enterpriser and is the CEO of Famous Brands. The company is in good custodies
  • If proper market research is conducted, it will give the company a good thought of what they can make to better their concern every bit good as what their rivals are making.
  • Global concern – companies oversees owned by Famous Trade names are a healthy flow of income. This besides raises company popularity
  • Advanced concern civilization – have a civilization within the concern that allows for invention and creativeness to help in remaining on top of market tendencies and accommodating to external factors to assist the concern thrive
  • New merchandises which are better than competition merchandises

Corporate Administration

Famous Trade names have surely incorporated Corporate Social Responsibility as portion of its corporate administration. CSR is all about acquiring concerns to travel toward an involvement attack of giving clip, accomplishments and attempt to better the lives of other people.

Celebrated Brands’ corporate administration and sustainability is presented to demo its stockholders how the company:

  • Applies the rules of good corporate administration
  • Manages hazard
  • Considers its on-going sustainability
  • Invests in the well-being of its people and society

Merely as an illustration of good CSR, Steers, a concern owned by Famous Brands save a part of their dough that is non used and bake it into staff of life to give to the hapless and homeless. This is but a little illustration of where Famous Brands has initiated CSR and proves that they invest in the well-being of its people and society. The concern itself competes rather good with its rivals and it clearly shows that their clients are loyal and respectful.

Ethical Financial Coverage

Fiscal coverage is the procedure of bring forthing statements that unwrap an organisation ‘s fiscal position to direction, investors and the authorities. This subdivision talks about whether or non Famous Brands implements moralss into their fiscal coverage.

Conformity with Torahs and Regulations

Employees must follow applicable Torahs, regulations and ordinances at all times. Employees with inquiries about the pertinence or reading of any jurisprudence, regulation or ordinance, should reach the Legal Department. The Code of Business Conduct of Famous Brands serves to steer the actions of the employees consistent with the Company values. The Code helps the people do the right thing and drama by the regulations wherever they operate around the universe.

Conflict of involvement

A Conflict of Interest occurs when personal involvements of an employee or the involvements of a 3rd party compete with the involvements of Famous Brands. In such a state of affairs, it can be hard for the employee to move to the full in the best involvements of Famous Brands.

Employees shall avoid Conflicts of Interest whenever possible. If a Conflict of Interest state of affairs has occurred or if an employee faces a state of affairs that may affect

or take to a Conflict of Interest, the employee shall unwrap it to his or her Line Manager and/or the HR or the Legal or Compliance Function to decide the state of affairs in a just and crystalline mode.

Code of Ethical motives

A usher of rules designed to assist professionals carry on concern candidly and with unity. A codification of moralss papers may sketch the mission and values of the concern or organisation, how professionals are supposed to near jobs, the ethical rules based on the organisation ‘s nucleus values and the criterions to which the professional will be held. The chief relation that Famous Brands has to moralss is that it must learn and educate the employees of the company on what is seen as ethical behavior and what is non. The Company has a system in topographic point where all new employees are required to go through a trial. The trial is really simple, but yet once more moralss is non something hard to hold on it is simply the right manner to move and act when involved in the concern environment. All new employees are required to go through the trial before they are allowed to get down working for the company.

Famous Brands besides has a system in topographic point that shapers certain that bing workers of all degrees act in an ethical manner when carry oning themselves in the Famous Brands concern environment. The system besides ensures that that all clients feel happy and comfy when make up one’s minding to confer with or back up the Famous Brands Business.


With respects to the above information and the timeline, I believe Famous Brands is a sustainable concern and if they keep traveling the manner they are they will most surely better their repute and continue to turn and develop under the alert and commanding oculus of Kevin Hedderwick. Business sustainability is frequently defined as pull offing the ternary underside line – a procedure by which companies manage their fiscal, societal and environmental hazards, duties and chances. These three impacts are sometimes referred to as net incomes, people and planet.

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