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My Favorite British Writer and His Famous Book ‘Treasure Island’

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My favorite British writer and his famous book ‘Treasure Island’ My favorite famous British writer is Robert Louis Stevenson. Robert Louis Stevenson was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1850. Robert went to Edinburgh University to study law. Later on he decided that he wanted to be a writer, not a lawyer. In his early 20s he became ill with a chest problem. He suffered from this for the rest of his life. He moved from place to place, trying to find a suitable climate.

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My Favorite British Writer and His Famous Book ‘Treasure Island’
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In 1880 Robert married an American woman called Fanny Osbourne in California, USA. In 1890 Robert and his family finally settled on an island called Upolu in Samoa. The Samoan people loved him and called him ‘teller of tales’. Robert Louis Stevenson died of a stroke in 1894. He was buried at the top of a mountain. My favorite book by Robert Louis Stevenson is “Treasure Island” because the plot is very exciting and the main character Jim Hawkins is a brave strong, kind and clever teenager.

One foggy afternoon a one-legged man whose name was Blind Pew, came to the guest house Admiral Benbow and killed the pirate Billy Bones with his curse. The owner of the guest house Mrs. Hawkins and her son Jim took Billy’s bag of gold coins and then they hid under the bridge. Mr. Dance who was in charge of the customs men captured Blind Pew and then he took Jim Hawkins to Dr. Livesey because Jim wanted to ask Dr. Livesey for his advice. Jim brought a small packet which he took from Billy Bones’ sea chest and showed it to Doctor Livesey and his friend Squire Trelawney.

The map, which they found inside the packet, showed a small island and there were some notes about how to find the island and treasure. Jim and his friends set off for Treasure Island. Accidentally, Jim found out that their cook Long John Silver was a pirate and he wanted to steal the treasure. When the ship arrived at the island, there was a fierce battle in which the pirates lost one man and Captain Smollett’s men lost one man. Jim’s friends had to shelter in Captain Flint’s old log house.

Soon the pirates attacked again and in the end, six pirates and three of Captain Smollett’s men were killed. After dinner, Dr. Livesey went to see Ben Gunn, the former pirate whom Jim had met in the wood and who was ready to help them if they helped him get back to England. Jim took Ben Gun’s little boat and rowed towards the ship and when he reached the ship, he found the anchor rope and cut it with his knife. The pirate whose name was Hands agreed to tell Jim how to sail the Hispaniola and in return he asked Jim to give him some food and drink and bandage his leg.

As they came up to the beach, Hands attacked Jim and cut his shoulder but Jim took his chance and punched him with all the strength he had, then he tied Hands to the mast with some rope. Jim told Dr. Livesey who came to the log house to bandage the pirates’ wounds that he had got the ship back and she was down on the beach, ready to take them home. Dr. Livesey gave the treasure map to Silver because Ben had dug up the treasure and carried it on his back to a cave in the north of the island and the pirates found a large hole in the ground and an empty chest inside the hole.

Dr. Livesey and Ben Gunn appeared from the wood and they all ran after the pirates because there was a danger that the pirates would take the Hispaniola. It took them three days to load all the treasure onto the ship and at last they were on their way home. When at last they sailed into Bristol, each of them had a share of the treasure and Jim Hawkins promised himself that he would never go to sea again and he never did.

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