Hitler: Was the Policy of Appeasement a Mistake?

This has been a question that many historians have been debating for years. In my opinion, I believe that the Policy of Appeasement was the right thing to do by the world leaders. The reasons why I believe that the Policy of Appeasement was the right thing to do, is because the world thought that Hitler would stop communism by defeating Russia, the Allies needed more time to prepare should a war begin, and finally because no one wanted another World War to begin.

Firstly, the World thought by letting Hitler have what he wanted, they thought that Hitler would stop Russia, and communism from spreading. Hitler and Russia’s dictator Stalin hated each other. Also, Russia was a communist country, and that gave Hitler all the more reason to attack Russia because Hitler hated communism. The world leaders thought that Hitler would end up fighting the Russians, and then they hoped that by Hitler defeating the communists, the communists in other countries would slowly back off, and then the government would not have a problem with them.

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Secondly, another reason why I think that the Policy of Appeasement was the right thing do is because the Allies countries would need more time, should a war start again. Canada and much of the World has just come out of the Great Depression. Many countries had a lack of jobs, not a lot of money, and people in their own country was suffering. Also, World War 1 just ended only about 20 years back and so men in the army were scarce. Many men who had joined the army had died, or gotten injured.

The countries would need more time to raise money, build an army, recruit men, make guns, and anything else needed for war. If the allies went to war at that point in time, without getting ready, they were guaranteed for a loss. The army generals of Britain even told Chamberlain, the Prime Minister of Britain is 1938 that “ If war with Germany has to come, it would be better to fight in six to twelve months time, instead of at this moment. ” Appeasement brought time to get ready for war, instead of risking the future of the world.

Finally, the last reason why I believe that the Policy of Appeasement was the right thing to do at the time is because no one wanted another war. Everyone still remembered the First World War, and all the people that were killed, and how much money was spent. Most people would have liked to forget that experience, and so would the World Leaders, that is why they let Hitler do what he wanted for the first bit. They let Hitler go easy because everyone thought that he just wanted his country’s pride back.

Everyone knew that they were a little harsh on the Germans, and that is why they let Hitler take Czechoslovakia, and other countries like it. No one wanted to start a war over a country like Czechoslovakia that they never heard of before. These are three reasons why, I believe that the Policy of Appeasement was a good thing. Although Hitler took advantage of the situation, it was right of the leaders to appease Hitler, because they only wanted good intentions for the people.

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