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Political parties goal and interest group goals

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One of the Democrats goals is to support abortion rights as a fundamental constitutional liberty for all women. Second, they also oppose eliminating the affirmative action program. Third, they support balancing the budget by 2012. Furthermore, the Demarcate party endorses more charter school and more public school choices. However they do not support issuing vouchers for private school. Therefore, The National Education Association (NEA) interest group does have the same goals as the Demarcate party because they think that voucher would not help the Public School system.

The NEA is supporting other programs like smaller class size of 15 students. On environmental issues the Democrats supports tax credits to preserve open spaces and create parks and to improve water quality. The Greenpeace an independent campaigning organization is suggestion that action is taken regarding genetically engineered food. I think this interest groups listed about try to influence public policy as a way to protect or advance their groups issues. I think sometimes their issues are to intense or to narrow to really impact all citizens.

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Political parties goal and interest group goals
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The Republican goal is to oppose abortion rights because the unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life. They also feel that affirmative would be achieving equality on the job by stressing equal opportunity without quotas or other preferential treatment. They support a constitutional amendment to require a balance budget. On education would like parents to take a share of federal education money to a school of their choice. The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) also supports focuses on academic achievement, student behavior and smaller classes. So the Republican get little support from educational interest group whose common causes is listed above. On the environmental issues the Republican would allow oil exploration in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. So his support from Sierra Club grassroot organization would like be very unfavorable because this interest group has six policy research organizations and focuses on ecosystem.

The Green party goals are ecological wisdom to recognize the Earth sustains all life, social justice by replacing the system of poverty and injustice with a world free of oppression. Futhermore the Green party supports decentralization by restored power to local communities within an overall framework of grassroot democracy and socially. Therefore, the Sierra Club and the Greenpeace interest groups would self interest from this groups.

The Reform Party would like to establish responsibility and accountability in government at all levels and to defeat special interests which harm the interests of the people. Furthermore the Reform Party seek to reform, not abolish, our system of government. Campaigns finance reform to stop the influence of financial interests often to the detriment of the democratic process because campaigns are Too Long and Cost Too Much. Reform party suggested that campaigning has become a billion dollar industry. That ordinary citizens and their interests have been lost. Legislation flows from the participation of professional and public agency lobbyists in the legislative process. These lobbyists give gifts, albeit limited by law, to lawmakers to curry favorable relationships. 7. BUDGET REFORM: Starting from Zero All agency budgets should be zero-based, requiring each proposed expenditure to be specified to meet the intended benefit of the proposed expenditure. Taxpayers for Common Sense are an independent taxpayer organization that works to cut government waste by reaching out to taxpayers from all political perspectives. TCS seeks to transcend ideological and partisan differences to build support for common sense reforms. TCS was formed to serve the many Americans who believe that their government can cost less and make more sense.

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