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The author discusses the differences between democratic and autocratic governments, stating that in democracy, leaders are elected by the people while in autocracy, the leader has all the power to rule the country as they wish. The author argues that Pakistan is currently in a state of neither democracy nor autocracy, with limited powers due to media and judicial intervention. The author suggests that a consolidated federation can only be achieved through autocracy, where a capable leader can run the country without interference from political parties. However, the author acknowledges that there are concerns with autocracy, such as the lack of accountability and potential for abuse of power.

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A democratic country means a type of government running in a country which is elected by the people where a president and a prime minister has his own powers and is bound to stick to those powers only which are granted to him by his post While in Autocracy the meaning is totally opposite it is a common misconception that autocracy is more like dictatorship while in my view dictatorship and autocracy are quite different things.

In Dictatorship there is a leader who is being dictated by other person mainly the overruling personality or the party, while an autocrat is a type of a leader who posses all the powers to do anything that he wants like a dictator but I would like to repeat my words “He has all the powers to do anything that HE wants” which means he is ruling the country the way he wishes. Pakistan now is in such a state where it is neither a democratic nor an autocratic.

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The American dictation is still being copied down by the men in power; the powers are being kept limited due to the immense intervention of media and the judiciary in the state affairs, while the decision taken by the Officials are declared as unjust and a hurdle is some how managed to be created to terminate the order before it reaches the destination. In a country where none of the many types of the government is given a chance to grow how can one think of a consolidated status as a federation?

Democracy has its own fruit. A place where the representatives of the people will talk about their problems and would be sincere enough to solve the problems then democracy is the best but if you go for the other side of the page you find those Representatives caught guilty of many crimes themselves like one of the major issue faced in the previous days was of the fake degree cases against many of the Member’s of Parliament.

This point makes one a little confused or I would better say double minded that what has a degree got to do with the representative of the people, but suddenly my mind is struck by the other idea that whether a person who is not literate enough would be able to convey his ideas or problems in a better manner?

Autocracy must be given a chance where no one should be given a chance to intervene in the state affairs and a fully capable leader should be given a chance to run the country his way. Let not the political parties have a single percent of say in how the country is being governed for the specified period of time. In my opinion Autocracy is the only solution for bringing the state into a consolidated form of federation.

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