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    In Pouliuli, a fresh written by Albert Wendt, Faleasa Osovae awakens to happen the life he s been populating all along is a mere fa? fruit drink. Pouliuli invites readers into the Samoan community of Malaelua, which is turned disorderly when Faleasa misleads his aiga and community by moving maniacal. Albert Wendt ties a celebrated Malaelua saga about a fabulous hero named Pili to Faleasa Osovae s life. In the myth every bit good as in Faleasa s narrative, they both had the same end, which was to populate the remainder of their life free.

    To carry through this end, they both had to carry through three undertakings. Pilis undertakings were to eat a mountain of fish which the giant s had caught that twenty-four hours, to race the giants down a river, and do himself disappear. Faleasas undertakings were to destruct Filemoni, Make Moaula the new leader, and take Sau and Vaelupa as council leader. Of class they couldn Ts have done these undertakings entirely so both of them enlisted aid from friends. Pili enlisted the aid of Tausamitele, Lelemalosi, and Pouliuli. Faleasa enlisted the aid of his long clip friend Laaumatua and his boy Moaula. Finally to acquire the freedom they so wished for they had to finish one last undertaking. In Pili s instance it was to split his land among his kids while Faleasa had to take Malaga as Congress of the small town. In the terminal, they both end up with nil. Both stoping up in the darkness of Pouliuli.

    In both scenarios there is a mirror image from Pili s saga to Faleasa s. In what manner are the features of the three Alliess Pili enlist to assist him with his undertakings similar to those of Faleasas Alliess? How are the undertakings in Pili s saga similar to Faleasa s undertakings? Why did Faleasa really go with his program when he knew that the terminal consequence in Pili s narrative was tragic?

    We foremost acknowledge the similarities between the fabulous saga of Pili to Faleasa s life as we are informed of the myth. In Pili s saga every bit good as in Faleasa s narrative they create a program that would achieve the freedom they are seeking. Pili wants to be restored into a human while Faleasa wants to populate the staying old ages of his life free from the responsibilities he had as a leader.

    If you set me three undertakings and I perform them successfully will you raise the expletive off me? ( 96 ) In Pili s myth, Pili goes up to the Ninth Heaven to inquire for his male parent, Tagaloaalagi, to reconstruct him into a human. Tagaloaalagi sets three undertakings for Pili to make. Pili does all the undertakings with the aid of Tausamitel and Lelemalosi and gets his want to be restored human. Faleasa had merely described to his womb-to-tomb friend his program and his transmutation from what he called cannibal meat into a free angel. ( 16 ) Pili s saga is similar to the narrative of Faleasa. Faleasa has created a program that would alleviate him of the responsibilities as a leader. Both scenarios have three undertakings to finish with the aid from friends. Besides as each undertaking is completed the following one gets more challenging. Pili and Faleasa besides has to watch out that no one finds out that they are being helped with friends.

    As each undertaking is completed the following undertaking gets much tougher. Pili and Faleasa realize that they can t complete these undertakings entirely so they enlist people that are friends and shut to them. I have other Alliess, Pili replied. Because he had been forbidden to tie in with people he had befriended three liquors who lived near his place. They were Tausamitele-Insatiable Appetite, Lelemalosi-Strong Flight, and Pouliuli-Darkeness. It was with these friends that he devised his programs. ( 95 )

    The Alliess that Pili enlisted have features that are similar to the Alliess that Faleasa has enlisted. Lemigao was ever hungry, or so it seemed to Osovae. Everywhere they went Lemigao searched for nutrient be forward he did anything else…He ne’er refused any offer of nutrient even if he had merely eaten a big meal… ( 21 )

    Laaumatua is a mirror image of Tausamitele. Laaumatua and Tausamitele both have unfulfilled appetite. They are continuously hungry and will ever be willing to eat even though they ve merely eaten. They besides won t turn down any repast that is given to them. Moaula is similar to Lelemalosi in the saga of Pili. Merely before flushing lotu Faleasa saw Moaula geting from the plantation with a heavy burden of cocoyam. ( He had ever been amazed by his boy s physical strength. ) Looking bigger still in falling somberness, he stretched his weaponries and back and looked over at his male parent. ( 29 )

    In Pili s saga Lelemalosi is described as a individual holding strong flight. Lelemalosi is similar to Moaula because to be a strong individual a individual must hold physical strength to be able to make things as carry a heavy burden of cocoyam into the small town or wing Pili and Tausamitele up to the Ninth Heaven. Tausamitele and Moaula help Pili and Faleasa by assisting to hide what they were making. Moaula by moving as the new council leader and run intoing each black pine leader to depict what action should be done at the following council meeting while Tausamitele helps Pili by finishing his 2nd undertakings which he had to race the giants down a river which was alive with unreliable rapids, vortexs, and waterfalls. ( 96 )

    In the terminal, Pili s saga every bit good as Faleasa s narrative comes up short in accomplishing their ends. Faleasa was cognizant of the tragic terminal to Pili s saga and didn t do anything to alter the result. That same dark Pili vanished from Malaelua. Some Malaeluans claimed that he had jumped up and been swallowed by his friend Pouliuli and would decline to go seeable once more.

    The narrative does non state us why Faleasa didn t do anything to alter the result of his program so that it wouldn t terminal tragically as in Pili s saga. Faleasa examines some of the significances of the saga and concluded that like Pili in his bitter old age, he excessively had voluntarily jumped up, as it were, into a life decease, into the life darkness of Pouliuli. This decision did non scare him: it was comforting, like being suspended in the nucleus of a timeless sea, without a beginning or an terminal ; and all was good. ( 97-98 )

    Faleasa believed that since Pili jumped into Pouliuli, Pili didn t loose most of his amour propre. He ended one life and so started a new 1. Still, if Faleasa knew the result of Pili s saga ended tragically why didn t he make anything to alter the result of his narrative? Could the ground why Faleasa didn t alter the concluding result of his program be because he thought that myths were merely myths and could non be perchance true? Was he so certain that his program would work that he didn t recognize that his program was precisely like Pili s? Was he seeking to shatter that myth by turn outing that he could obtain the freedom he so desired? Those inquiries will non likely be answered for merely Faleasa knows the reply.

    In Wendt s fresh Pouliuli, he introduces us to a 76 old ages old adult male that creates a program that will let him to achieve freedom in the concluding old ages of his life. Wendt besides acquaints us about a Malaeluan saga of a lizard that takes on three undertakings to be converted into a human. They both enlist the aid of friends that have similar features to transport out each undertaking. Each of them are successful but in the terminal comes up short and fail to accomplish what they had set out to make. In decision things could hold gone smooth sailing for Faleasa if he had noticed that Pili s saga were similar to what he was traveling through and could hold changed the result but alternatively followed the same stairss as Pili into the darkness of Pouliuli.

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