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Cover Letter: Essay 4 Dear Caroline Stockhus, This was my first expository essay I’ve ever written - Pray introduction. In my paper I discuss the book, The Willpower Instinct, by Kelly McGonigal, and my own personal willpower challenge: Stress. Since this was an expository essay, I wrote five different body paragraphs in between my introduction and conclusion. In these five body paragraphs I started to discuss the different exercises to reduce stress in ones life. I wanted the readers to understand the different ways to deal with their stress: breathing, self-awareness, and prioritizing.

I want the reader to know of his/her own self worth, especially in times of stress, because stress can take you down, but usually people have a way of bringing themselves lower. The most important message I want my paper to say is, “DO NOT FORGET YOURSELF IN ALL OF YOUR TROUBLES! ” Because this was my first expository essay, I thought that it was going to be harder to write, but I actually found it easier. It was easier because I felt like while I wrote down my feeling, it was more of a list of instructions for the reader. In this essay, I wanted to give a truthful essence.


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I don’t want to write about something that isn’t true, telling the readers that life is easy and when something bad happens everything will get better. I wanted them to know that sometimes things get really bad, and we all need to take it and flow with the issues life throws at us. I felt I succeeded at my objective. I feel that I have much more to say, and if I had more time I would have made my essay a little bit more lengthy. The thing I had to work most on in this essay was my lack of examples. I did this because I wanted my paper to make sense, and in result I cut a lot of my original ideas.

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