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Years ago, the United States of America was the prime example of prosperity and opportunity. In recent years, in the worst recession since the Great Depression, unemployment and interest rates have skyrocketed. The “American Dream” is an idea that was once a commonly accepted ideology in this country. It has since become only a fallacy. The “American Dream” is no longer an attainable idea, only a fantasy. The “American Dream” is not a true dream that will ever be equally attainable by everyone. The American dream is the general belief that American Citizens all have an equal opportunity to succeed socially and economically, regardless of any predating circumstances. This idea has been accepted as possible by the majority of citizens in this country. This “dream” cannot be true, as there are multiple discriminations in this country, which make it impossible for everyone to have the same chance to succeed. Biases against racial minorities, women, and citizens from lower social classes are examples of just a few reasons that everyone does not have the same chance to succeed in our current economic and social system in America, resulting in unequal chances to achieve “the American Dream.” One major factor that decides how successful someone will be is determined by race. Although by law, discrimination due to race is illegal, this does not completely deter racial discrimination. This is especially true concerning the American dream, as it proves the chance for success is not the same for everyone. Studs Turkel records Stephen Cruz’s oral retelling of his story of discrimination. Stephen Cruz is a Mexican-American who is discriminated against due to that fact. Although he does receive a well paying job, he knows he only received t.

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