Presidential Election between Al Gore and George W. Bush

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The 2000 Presidential election between Vice-President Al Gore and Texas Governor George W. Bush was and still is a close campaign. This race has still not ended due to the closeness in the state of Florida primarily and the state of Oregon. Florida which contains 25 electoral college votes was and still is to close to call, which means that the race is close as of last time that I had checked the race was only separated by about 1800 votes. The state of Oregon only contains seven Electoral College votes so this is not that important to the outcome of the election because the Electoral College votes are 260 for Gore and 246 for Bush and 270 are needed to win.

In the general turnout some of the trends that I had identified were most of the Gore Clinton States in the mid-west that in the past had voted democratic this year voted for Bush. The African-American votes primarily went to Gore, along with the union members and Hispanics. But women and Catholics usually went with Bush. Women voting for Bush kind of surprised me because Bush is pro-life and that kind-of takes away women’s rights. This year the predictions with some of the types of people that voted for who the did was pretty right, but the predictions with the states were pretty wrong surprisingly.

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Some of the Key states that Gore had won where New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, California, and Washington. Bush had won West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Missouri Texas and Tennessee. These state were important because of the fact that these states all had major electorial college votes. Bush winning Akansas and Tennessee was also big because Arkansas is Clintons home state and Tennessee is Gore’s.

The House of Representatives and the Senate both had pretty good outcomes if you’re a democrat because the democrats gained a lot of ground. They tied in the Senate and in the house is 222 seats for the Republicans, 211 for the Democrats, and 2 seats for the independent parties.

There was not much of a Nader factor but he did get his 5% of the vote. In Florida the factor that was big was the Pat Buchanan factor because in Palm Springs people that claim to of wanted to vote for Gore said that the ballot was to confusing and said that they accidentally voted for Buchanan and thought that they were voting for Gore.


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