presidential election

how did the farmers expect that the presidential electors would choose a president?
electors would choose the most qualified candidate.
The presidential candidate who receives the largest number of popular votes
wins all of a state’s electoral votes
which statement best reflects a flaw in having a presidential election decided by the house of representatives?
states with small populations would count as much as larger states
which statement best describes the electoral college reform plan known as the district plan?
two state electors vote with the state’s popular vote. the other electors vote as the districts they represent do.
what is a criticism of the direct popular election proposal?
voter fraud could be more of a factor in a direct popular election.
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According to the constitution, ___elects the president.
* the senate
*the supreme court
which best describes a presidential election campaign?
an all-out effort to win the office of president
___ are voters who have not decided on a candidate at the start of a presidential campaign.
swing voters
states that are too close to call in a presidential election are
battlegrounds states
since Barack Obama won 51 percent of the popular vote in Ohio, he won
all of the state’s electoral votes
which political element was introduced in the 1960 presidential campaign?
television debates
electors in each state are chosen by
popular vote
what happens when a presidential candidate wins a state with a state with slightly more that half of the popular vote?
the candidates gets all of the state’s electoral votes
under the direct popular election plan to reform the electoral college , the winner would always be__.
*the candidate with the majority of electoral votes
*the candidate with the largest
under the proportional plan to reform the electoral college, each candidate would
get a share of the electoral vote
a direct popular election __ the electoral college system.
would end
at the start of most presidential campaigns,___ have already decided on the candidate who will get their votes.
*all registered voters
* about one-third
using either the district plan to reform the electoral college
would not ensure that the winner of the popular vote would become president
if the house fails to choose a president by january 20, the 20th amendment says that
the vice president shall act as president
the proposed national popular vote plan to reform the electoral college calls fro
states to amend their election laws
since 1960, televised presidential debates
* have become an important contribution source
through the years, several plans have been suggested to
*have the president appointed by the senate
which is a major flaw in the electoral college system?
electors are not required to vote for the candidates who wins the popular vote
which candidate’s performance in the first televised debate helped his campaign?
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