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Teen Privacy Debate

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Contrary to what some may believe, the teens actually had a high level of privacy awareness,” (Ackerman). This quote Is referring to a study done on twenty adolescents and their privacy when it comes to electronics, parents, and school. Most adults tend to think their child does not think before they text, tweet, post, or send. However, this is untrue. Yes, teens are less mature, and less responsible; but that does not make them stupid. And yes, teens should have the reigns held fast by their parents; but once in a while It Is okay to cut them some slack.

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Teen Privacy Debate
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As it is In everything, teens do not have the same rights as adults do. But It is unfair too teen, or anyone for that matter, to invade their privacy Just because the Internet said to. Online and technology-related activities are where parents become the most protective. Parents believe that their child is incompetent in making safe decisions on the Internet; so they go to extensive measures to insure that they do.

However teens do, in fact, have a high level of awareness for their Individual privacy, (Ackerman).

Teens are not Just ready and willing to give away personal information, (Ackerman). Teens are worried about what people will think of them. From the school hallways, to the dinner table, teens are always trying to impress the people around them. So why would any teen be willing to Jeopardize their hard-earned reputation for something they posted on the Internet? The simple answer; they wouldn’t. If a teen has a secret they would not tell their parents, it seems unreasonable to assume that they would post it on the Internet.

If something is suspected of a child, they should be approached openly. They need to be shown that they are trusted. When teens trust, they tell. Studies have shown that 50% of parents use parental controls to maintain or block Internet usage, behind the backs of their teens, (“Parents, Teens, and Online privacy”). Some parents even forge connections with their teen to passively observe them, (“Parents, Teens, and Online Privacy”). This seems unfair; it shows that the parent does not trust the child.

Every relationship needs trust, even when it comes to electronics and privacy, teens and parents. Schools are even worse than the parents! It will be argued that schools need to be ender high surveillance so that no student will come to any harm: but does that mean that it is necessary to violate student rights? A young girl at a junior high school was searched down to her bare skin, a strip search more or less with no clear evidence or reason, (Scooter). So is now open to argue; was this a violation of her rights? The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall Issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and articulacy describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized,” (United States Constitution). This amendment clearly states that no one’s privacy can be invaded. So why should a ten’s privacy be breached just because of a silly high school rumor?

Maybe it’s because school officials tend to think they have more rights than others Just because they are In charge of a large number of people, (Scooter). Bringing police dogs to search a school Is much more understandable; school with “irresponsible, immature” high school students does not seem like a rabble cause for search and seizure measures to be taken. Every day at least one person at each school is accused of hiding something. It seems highly unreasonable that every one of those students be searched.

But, current trends indicate, we are almost there. Some parents are out of control. Not only are they invading their child’s privacy; but also the privacy of the child’s friends. Most parents worry about the social life of their teen; but to go as far as searching another child and his or her family on the Internet is uncalled for. Lindsay Ferrier, the mother of two teen girls, will go so far as to look up the property tax record of the child’s parents and how much their house cost, (“Teens and Privacy’).

She will also go online to social media sites to find information about the children her daughter is hanging out with, (“Teens and Privacy’). It is reasonable to assume that most parents would be concerned with “homo their child is socializing with. But it is not, on the other hand, reasonable to assume that they should go so far as to delve into another family’s personal business. Sixty six percent of parents have used a social media site, but not only to monitor their own child, to monitor other people’s children, (Ackerman).

It is unfair to assume things about a child based on what you know, or think you know, about their family. Before a parent should Judge their ten’s friends; I think that they should meet them, get to know them, and hear about them, before Jumping to a conclusion from what has been read on the Internet. Not everything on the Internet is true, no matter what people have said. The things people read on the Internet can make them Jump to fast conclusions. Just because the Internet says so, doesn’t mean teens deserve less privacy rights than their parents.

Teenagers are people too. Meaning that our privacy rights are protected by the fourth amendment, but not necessarily from their parents. That means that parents should have a little faith in their teen. Just because the Internet said they are quick to spill their hearts out to strangers does not mean they actually “ill. Form a bond with teens, give them someone to trust and they will not even need the Internet anymore. And stick up for them! Schools have been known to do some crazy things; so do not let it slip by.

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