Problems of Living in a Hostel

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Hostel life has its own charm. Leaving behind familiar surroundings and entering a new world of strangers who are also navigating the same challenges can be daunting. However, adhering to certain etiquettes can make hostel life a memorable experience, despite the inevitable problems that may arise. The initial challenge I encountered upon entering the hostel was having to share my room with a new girl. This was unfamiliar to me as I had never shared my room with anyone at home, and adapting to this change was difficult. In contrast, my roommate came from a joint family and did not mind a lack of privacy in our room.

Having contrasting lifestyles with my roommate posed challenges for us. I adhered to a strict routine of sleeping early and waking up early in the morning, whereas my roommate preferred staying up late at night and sleeping in. Consequently, both of us had disturbed sleep due to each other’s habits. Moreover, there were other hostel-related concerns that bothered me, such as frequently encountering dirty toilets in the mornings despite repeatedly reminding those responsible for maintaining proper toilet etiquette.

The individuals who valued cleanliness found themselves deeply unhappy whenever they encountered littered papers, food items, and hair. Furthermore, the hostel’s hygiene became a serious concern due to certain pet animals. Additionally, money became an antagonist, causing strain on many relationships within the hostel. I quickly discovered that there were individuals who proudly relied on others, known as “parasites”. Complaints began to surface about unreturned money and occasional theft. Moreover, the hostel life also included unsettling nights with encounters with robbers and firsthand accounts of ghostly experiences.

The food is the last issue I will discuss regarding my difficulties living in a hostel. The canteen at my college was exceptional in offering delicious food. However, I frequently longed for homely meals and often went hungry when plain food was served. This posed a significant change for my friends who had the luxury of enjoying desirable food whenever they wanted. Additionally, hostel life served as a backdrop for preparing us for real life. Despite the hurdles I faced initially, I eventually started to perceive hostel life as heavenly.

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