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Project Management Audit Summary

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The Audit will serve as a tool to help the project team be more efficient in addition to the actual audit. The project plan was very well defined and each section of the project plan is clear and concise paying particular attention to detail. Each Phase of the project is completely broken down step by step in the Was and the key personnel for each phase is listed. The cost analysis is sound and extremely detailed. This allows the key shareholders to closely follow the budget and still have the project meet their needs.

Response needs are clearly defined with specific job requirements as well as outside staffing needs. The communications plan is detail oriented and ensures that lines of communication are open for the duration of the project While this plan is extremely detailed and well thought out there are a few areas of concern. While there is no scheduling tool since the WEBS is used to implement the schedule of deliverables there should be a section covering the severity of potential scheduling impacts.

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Project Management Audit Summary
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While most scheduling concerns are accounted for in the original timeline of the project potential impacts should till be quantified so the shareholders can be aware of potential scenarios. While the communications plan was very detailed in the form of communication it did not specify Who would receive the communications. It is important for the project team to know who they are to communicate to. This will decrease confusing when communication does occur and Will save time and prevent communications going to the wrong individuals.

The personnel requirements are very detailed but there are no start and end dates for the key personnel listed. Fifth personnel are with the project for the duration then that also needs to be specified. Another point of improvement is organizational charts. Organizational charts allow everyone involved in the project to know where to report, It is important to know the chain of command to improve communications and cut down man hours spent finding the right personnel to report to, Communication requirements for the stakeholders also needs to be included.

Stakeholders are an integral part of the project and the communications they need to receive should e detailed in the project plan. This will ensure that all parties are informed throughout each phase of the project. Overall this project plan is well organized and the practices chosen are well thought out. Other than those few areas of improvement this project plan is well designed The project team has done a great job detailing each section of the project plan. The small amount of improvement will only improve the project plan and the practices used for the duration of the project.

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