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Propaganda in 1984

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In Oceania, rumors, myths, ideas and false information controls the minds of the citizens. The Party uses propaganda as a powerful weapon against the citizens. There are many types of propaganda used. Propaganda is brainwash. The citizens of Oceania are brainwashed to think that the Party is really there to help them, to make them happy. “WAR IS PEACE. FREEDOM IS SLAVERY. IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH. ” and “Big Brother is Watching You” are examples of doublethink. These uses of propaganda prevent rebellion of the citizens of Oceania because they believe that this society is the ideal society.

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Propaganda in 1984
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They believe they are protected, and that they could not be happier. Propaganda is the Party’s deadliest weapon of control. One use of propaganda used by the Party is doublethink. “WAR IS PEACE. FREEDOM IS SLAVERY. IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH. ” The Party’s slogans are all part of doublethink. In this example, the Party is trying to convince the citizens of Oceania that what they want is what they already have.

They do not want freedom, because it is slavery. If they were free, they wouldn’t be unhappy and would not live the way they do.

They are made to believe that war makes peace and serenity. That not knowing and being unaware of what is going on is strength. The Party uses these slogans to control the minds of the citizens to believe that anything other than their INGSOC government would not make them happy. This way, the citizens will not consider rebellion because they believe that the Party’s way of government, is the only good way of government. “Big Brother is Watching You. ” This slogan of the Party is used in the media also.

This example of doublethink is depicted beneath the picture of Big Brother on posters that are hung about Oceania. This slogan is meant to give citizens a feeling of protection. A feeling of safety. The Party uses this to make them think that within this government, nothing can go wrong. And that if there was no Big Brother, they would not be living like this. This, in fact, is true. But the citizens are brought up believing that without Big Brother, life would not be safe. Everyone within Oceania would be in danger, all the time. Big Brother represents the Party, and INGSOC. Big Brother is Watching You” makes the citizens feel that the Party will always protect them and make them happy. In Jenna Galley’s article “Media Manipulation in George Orwell’s 1984” she states “Orwell’s masterpiece, 1984 takes readers on a journey into a dystopian society that, in reality, is not much different than the world of today. ” I agree with this statement because if we really think about it the government in many ways controls the society. The government, without us actually knowing or realizing everything thing we do. When we use the phone, the computer, or even to what we watch on TV.

In today’s society we use slogans as propaganda just like in George Orwell’s book. Jenna states “In today’s society, propaganda is generally considered to be a way in which the government enlists people into the army. The famous slogan “We Want You” is a classic example of government propaganda. ” I agree with this statement because this slogan brainwashes people into thinking that the government cares about you and really wants you to be the one that stands up and defends your country. Jenna also talks about the “Big Brother Is Watching You” slogan.

She talks about this slogan because there is show shown in today’s society that is called Big Brother. This show is about what George Orwell talked about in his book. This show pertains to 1984 because the slogan “Big Brother Is Watching You” is what this show is all about. People choose to live their lives knowing they’re been watched 24/7 just like in the book. Today’s government and The Party brainwash people into thinking that being surveillanced every moment of their lives is okay because they make them think that in doing so it keeps them safe.

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