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In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, the author warns against powerful governing bodies and the social destruction and corruption that come with them. He cautions readers to question authority figures and to be wary of policies that contradict the best interests of the populace. Orwell also warns against giving too much power to leaders, as seen with the pigs who were given too much supremacy and allowed to break all the commandments they had set. He emphasizes the dangers of investing time and effort in foolish schemes, such as the windmill project that did more harm than good. Additionally, Orwell warns against ignorance and credulousness, as seen with the easily manipulated citizens like Boxer and the sheep who allowed bad government to succeed without any checks on the ruler. The author emphasizes the importance of education as a way to prevent corruption and abuses of power.

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George Orwell’s message to readers entails a warning regarding the perils of formidable governing entities. The author portrays the inevitable societal devastation and decadence that emerges when an elite ruling class is granted the ability to manipulate the unsuspecting masses. He advises readers to maintain a healthy skepticism towards figures of authority and to continuously question and remain vigilant towards policies that appear contrary to the welfare of the general public.

Orwell cautions against excessively empowering leaders. The pigs were bestowed with an excessive amount of authority. They revered Napoleon to the extent that they embraced the slogan “Napoleon is always right.” By doing this, Napoleon was granted the privilege to essentially act as he pleased. The pigs were permitted to violate all the commandments they had established. They indulged in all the delicious food and beverages while leaving the other animals starving. The hardworking laborers, such as Boxer, would say things like “I will work harder” merely for the pigs to squander more resources and food.

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Orwell cautions against dedicating excessive time and energy to imprudent endeavors. The animals expended an excessive amount of time constructing windmills instead of focusing on gathering food from crops. They labored exhaustively and zealously on a venture without questioning its necessity. Their eagerness was solely driven by false promises and illusions of unattainable comforts. Ultimately, the windmills proved to be utterly pointless and caused more harm than benefit.

Orwell’s crucial message revolves around cautioning individuals about the dangers of ignorance and gullibility. The pigs indisputably possessed the true advantage through education. It evokes sympathy for the other diligent but naive animals who fail to see through the manipulation by the pigs and comprehend their own deception. Squealer effortlessly alters the commandments, presents them with fabricated statistics, and even revises the events of the Battle of Cowshed. This human, or rather animal nature, demonstrates how power inevitably breeds corruption.

TWO: The success of bad government is enabled by a lack of accountability for leaders, which is caused by bad citizenry. When easily influenced individuals like Boxer and the sheep make up the populace, those in authority can act without facing consequences. This gives them the freedom to prioritize their own interests over others’. Unfortunately, what benefits the government and the upper class may not be advantageous to the rest of society.

Boxer’s unwavering trust in Napoleon prevented him from questioning authority. Despite his tireless efforts, he never had the ability to critically analyze the situation and consider if he was being treated unfairly. As a result, Boxer couldn’t hold Napoleon accountable for any wrongdoing.

The sheep functioned as obedient tools who disseminated propaganda and quelled any doubts among the other animals. They served as reliable role models, embodying the ideal citizens to be emulated. When the pigs transitioned to walking on two feet, they instructed the sheep to repeat the phrase, “four legs good, two feet better.” Meanwhile, the dogs displayed unwavering loyalty and adaptability to Napoleon’s commands, forsaking any trace of independent thinking. They represented the extreme faction within Napoleon’s society that had been indoctrinated and corrupted.

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