Proportional Representation in the US Government

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In a country whose foundation was based off of the Ideals of liberty and democracy, a Atlanta number of citizens choose not to exercise their suffrage rights. The reason many American’s choose not to vote Is because they feel they arena being adequately represented. This is likely because there is a lack of representation on many levels, rather it be on a race or gender standpoint. Even though our representatives are chosen through fair and democratic elections, our elections often result in an under-representation of women, ethnic minorities, and poorer social classes.

This is due to our winner-take-all philosophy that routinely denies representation to a large number of voters and doesn’t accurately reflect the views of the public. There is a debate as to whether the United States should adopt some form of group representation voting system as opposed to the current winner-take-all system. Although it would require a constitutional change and a change In the minds of American’s, group representation is a certain way to ensure all American colleens are being adequately represented.

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Group presentation, also known as proportional representation, Is designed to remedy electoral Injustices. It ensures that any grouping of like-minded people, regardless of them being a minority or majority, get a fair share of power and representation in our legislation. Our current system of winner-take-all can allow someone to be elected with a 50. 1% majority, leaving the opinion of 49. 9% of the population to be dismissed. Because of this system, minorities have great difficulty amassing a large share of votes and stand little change of voters.

If we utilized proportional representation, we loud not only give these minorities not only the right to vote, but also an equal chance to be represented. For example, if black voters comprise 20% of the vote in a racially split county, they can elect at least one of the five seats, rather than be shut out, as they are In a traditional at-large election. Proportional representation would allow molesters, such as people of color and the poor; two groups traditionally denied fair access to power In this country, an avenue for power.

In an article titled How Proportional Representation can Empower Minorities and the Poor, we are seed to “Imagine for a moment how different it would be if the Senate had 25 African-Americans and Latino instead of none. ” The article goes on to explain that their very presence on committees and as colleagues on the Senate floor would be a powerful reminder of the political concerns of people of color. “No longer would it be easy to put these issues on the back-burner, as so often happens today. ” Not only does proportional representation help minorities, but it also promotes compromise between parties.

In the end, it also makes voters feel as if their vote actually counts award something – particularly if they are voting for an unpopular party – an Issue that count Increase voter turnout, as issue we currently struggle with. In chapter 5 of the book Investigating American Democracy by Thomas Lindsay and Gary Glenn, we are exposed to a multitude of opinions on group representation. In particular, Lana Genuine and Justice Thorough Marshall are featured defending the idea of ‘representation of racial groups is valid and desirable given our history and our acceptance of group representation in other forms. Proportional representation Mould allow people to vote for whom they truly desire to win, as opposed to turning ‘Toting into an exercise of strategy, mathematics and predictions in order to vote against what they oppose. Genuine argues “a mathematically equal vote which is politically worthless because of gerrymandering or winner-take-all districting is as deceiving as ’emperors clothes”. In Justice Thorough Marshal’s speech, “Remarks at the Annual Seminar of the San Francisco Patent and Trademark Law Associations,” he states his opinion which is that the constitution is extremely flawed.

He believes hat since women and African Americans are excluded from the original Constitution, En should work to fix it and become a more representative country. Bill Silicon’s speech on affirmative action is also presented in the 5th chapter of Lindsay and Glenn. President Clinton expresses the importance of affirmative action in order for America to move forward as a nation. He argues that affirmative action is not something to get rid of, and that it is an important part of America.

In his speech, he states “Affirmative action is an effort to develop a systematic approach to open the Ross of education, employment and business development opportunities to qualified individuals who happen to be members of groups that have experienced long-standing and per”. Without the governments help, minorities who seek to be a part of the American dream are at a disadvantage. Clinton believed that it was not only necessary, but also reflected an emerging American reality. Opponents to proportional representation claim that it means parties do not govern for people, but for politics.

Perhaps I am a severely Jaded individual, but it seems to me that parties already govern for politics and not for principle. This is due to our current winner- take-all system, forcing politicians to have a main goal of attracting as many voters as possible. Another argument against proportional representation is that it will inevitably cause race-conscious districting. If we focus too much on categorizing Americans, we lose the idea that we are all equal regardless of our gender, social class, or race. Some argue that affirmative action would create unfair advantages for undeserving minorities.

They worry that by creating special treatment, or separate antedate selection procedures, it would make America unequal. Another argument to proportional representation is that it would divide us even more, forcing groups to align together and focus on what sets them apart. However, I don’t see it that way. For those at the bottom, a system that gives everyone an equal chance of having their political preferences physically represented is inadequate. A fair system of political representation would provide a way to ensure that minority groups have a fair Chance to have them embodied in the legislation.

Although I agree that in a perfect Nor, what got you elected would be your policy ideas and party platform, that hasn’t proved to be the way our country works. Because of political normalization, our representative democracy is not as legitimate as it could be. A communicative democracy understands that sub-groups would broaden our understanding of different groups and their different needs instead of leaving these minorities in the dark. Although there are many advantages and disadvantages to group representation in the United States, it is an important debate to consider.

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