Public Surveillance Impinging on Our Privacy and Assist

These people feel that it is an invasion of privacy, especially when it is in a public place. Use of surveillance technology are impinging on our privacy as they are affecting student moral, privacy at workplace, behavior of people, life style and are susceptible to abuse or misuse surveillance data. The evidence supporting this argument Is ways that technology is abused, privacy for employees, women, and students as public moral right and many others.

There are five ways that surveillance-camera systems are likely to be misused: first Is criminal abuse, In 1997, a police official of Washington DC was caught using police database to gather information on patrons of gay club. They trapped the plate number of vehicle that was parked at lot of the club and found the background and the owner of that vehicle through camera surveillance and he blackmailed patrons who were married. This is how this CATV surveillance is misused and there are many more such critical things happening in USA and ELK.

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Second is institutional abuse, during civil rights movements and Vietnam War there was a lot of illegal use of CATV and other sources of surveillance by FBI and many individual police to harass political activities who were involved in racial segregation and Vietnam War. Computerized information Is very easy to hack for police and easily can be misused. Third Is the abuse for personal purpose, by Detroit free press there Is many police In USA caught leaking database.

A database available to Michigan law enforcement was used by officers to help their friends or themselves stalk women, threaten motorists after traffic altercations, and track estranged spouses. These stolen databases are even soled to special agencies and institutions. Forth way is Discriminatory targeting, in Great Britain camera operators have been found to focus disproportionately on people of lour, black people were more likely to be surveillance than one would expect from their presence in the population. Not only black people but all minority people are surveillance more than any others in USA and Europe.

And last way is voyeurism; the researchers found that In Britain CATV cameras are misused bureaucratically spy on women. Fully one In 10 women was targeted for entirely voyeuristic reasons. In Britain cameras are going too far, these cameras are turning to bedrooms rather than suppose to be focused on roads of Britain. This Is how surveillance technology Is issued In USA and Europe and many other developed countries. Furthermore, Misuse of CATV surveillance is not limited; Data Protection Commissioner Billy than 400 cases related to data security breaches.

This is how day by day use of CATV is increasing and misuse of it is also increasing so it will be better to reduce usage of this CATV. There are so many issue in more developed countries due to high use of surveillance technology An article title of BBC new on 6 December 2005 “CATV staff spied on naked woman” Two council workers used CATV cameras to spy on a woman as she undressed for a bath. These cameras were misused. Instead of focusing on streets and car parks they focused on a young lady inside her own flat.

Although this Sects where introduce to reduce crime and protect people but because of Sects the crime of steeling databases, misuse of Sects and cyber crime has been increased in Europe and USA Privacy in the workplace is a very important issue that can cause some controversy. One of the examples on issue of privacy for employees is in Ireland, surveillance of electronic communications in the workplace raises important issues regarding data privacy for both the employer and employees in Ireland cause of the use of internet for personal use like to check e-mails or having a face- book account which were not safe and secured.

And Privacy issues on video surveillance cameras are most likely to occur when the employees do not realize they are being filmed (covert video surveillance) or when cameras are located in places Inhere people do not want to be filmed (for instance, in restrooms). Having video camera in work place can change the style of employees work and also changes the behavior of employee. There are also concerns that video surveillance (particularly covert video surveillance) may unfairly target certain minority groups. Technology has progressively eroded our privacy; Technology has attacked on our Privacy.

This IS how our most personal possessions, our DNA are being used against us due to this technology of surveillance that attacks on our privacy. Surveillance information can be misused by selling some ones private data or information to insurance company or any agency, Some people’s images on these public surveillance cameras can be used inappropriately for someone’s own personal use but it is against regulations for anyone’s image to be used in any way other than being used for evidence in case a crime has been committed.

There are many examples of such cases in which people have caught taking naked videos and images of minority group and women as well. One of that example is a newspaper article in Newsweek, July 17, 1995 “waiter ‘audiotape with his pants down: I was spied upon” Lyn Nell Hancock with Claudia Salad in Chicago and William Undersell in London- the hidden camera captured a Neater in washroom and this how technology: surveillance cameras have moved into locker room, money machine and lawsuits.

There are so many Sects and other systems because of which people’s behavior has changed and has affected people’s daily life style. Gradually more Surveillance technology systems have taken their place as a major instrument for the prevention and detection of crime and the protection of public order in public places. Excess use of surveillance technology has influenced people’s life; the way people behave off camera is different from people behaving on camera. There are many example of people’s unforeseen behavior on camera as people passes through this Sects. Freedom’ is what people want which they don’t get, why? Because of this advanced and excess use of surveillance technology. ‘Privacy is the moral right of people’ which they don’t get, why? Because of camera does not only help to keep people safe but to also make them feel safe and secure when they are in the public place that is being watched. Surveillance camera or any information can be very useful to crime investigator or police in order to find some evidence of the crime that has been caught on video; this will help police to catch the criminal.

For example an article by Nightly News “Closed-circuit TV cameras on London streets helped in the investigation of the bombings. ” Technological surveillance systems have thus taken their place as a major instrument or the prevention and detection of crime and the protection of public order. ” It is helping public for their safety and helping police to catch criminals and protect people from terror attacks. For example in India 26th November 2008, the attack by terrorists on Tag hotel, one of the terrorist was caught in CATV which helped police and other special agencies to catch that terrorist easily.

Thus CATV has become a major instrument for detecting crime and collecting evidence against crime and also to provide safety to public. In conclusion, technology of surveillance has some negative as well as positive effect. As this technology surveillance are useful to detect crime and for safety, but privacy comes first, which is not taken into account as it have changed the life style, behavior of people and also there is misuse of the technology and surveillance database so there should be some technology surveillance but it should not exceed privacy and it need to be subject to check.

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