The Future of America: Electric-Assist Fully Enclosed Cargo Tricycle

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The creation of the first bicycle is one of our greatest inventions. However, the first bicycle is not suitable for every person because of: age, physical limitation, price, exposure to the elements, hilly terrain, etc. Furthermore, the creation of the first gas-powered vehicle is another one of our greatest inventions. Nevertheless, cars have their own drawbacks, too: producing CO2 emissions, a car will have a larger unibody that will become gridlock versus a bicycle, and they do not exercise while driving. If we want to reduce your carbon footprint, exercise, and go faster than a typical bicycle, we need to think strongly about not only their future but the next generation’s future as well. It is not enough to merely merge a car and a bicycle together because not all people are capable of riding a “car-like bike”. We need to upgrade to ride with a wider range of people, regardless of age and physical limitations; From recumbent seats to an electric-assistance motor, three wheels for more stability, a fully enclosed frame, and no-interest affordability that proves that electric-assist fully enclosed cargo tricycles are the key to a healthier future.

The “upright” sitting position for the seat from a majority of a bicycle, or a sitting or standing with your back straight or hunched over, is the standard model worldwide. Yet, the upright seat is not a great sitting position if you are fans of longer rides because the position is not very comfortable. For the elderly or people with chronic back pain, they would not suggest this sort of particular bike. These bikes have a relatively high gravity center, which theoretically means that they are unstable if they are truly pushed roughly. On the other hand, if you like being comfortable during a workout session, from short or long, a recumbent bicycle is ideal. Recumbent offers excellent protection for your back and the body’s reclining position means you will not experience any pain. You will have less efficient cardio in a reclining position, but it will burn the same quantity of calories as if you had an upright bicycle. However, as they are so convenient, you may be tempted to prolong your work hours and thus burn more calories. An upright bike is the standard model globally, but if you are cycling on longer trips, a recumbent bike is much more comfortable on the back. Plus, you can exercise more with the recumbent versus the painful, back-breaking upright.

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We, humans, are not all physically fit bodies; a lot more people than we realize have physical limitations from various different reasons, from birth, from age, and even from a disability. Nevertheless, whatever the case, an electric-assistance bike is needed to enjoy a healthy and comfortable bike ride experience. We need at least two-and-a-half hours per week of moderate aerobic exercise to stay healthy. The electric bike makes it more possible to enjoy riding because the standard bike can be too high impact for many people (due to health issues or nagging injuries) and especially on steep inclines. It gives you the freedom to tailor with your riding experience and further develop your health when an electric motor supports you. All, from steering to pedaling to walking, all lead to improving muscles, bones, and joints. It helps prevent joint and bone problems, osteoporosis, and reduced lingering back pain. You will also note a great increase in the core strength of your body, which is continuously being engaged when riding. Most elders develop chronic health problems and the risk of these illnesses increases exponentially when physical activity is not enough.

Nevertheless, a lot of people (no matter their age) have found that working out really helps avoid chronic pain issues. It can increase the blood flow to parts of the body that carries oxygen and other nutrients to help them stay healthy. If you can’t pump blood into pain areas, you are stagnant and preventing them from healing. Furthermore, we know it’s hard to convince yourself to step out after a long day of work. However, all you have to do when you come back to work (while riding an electric-assist bike) is to take a nice shower and appreciate other hobbies. A recumbent bike alone is not the solution for the majority of people. We need an electric-assist bike for the bunk of people (with or without physical disability) if we want to live longer and be healthier. We should not pay a gym membership and may or may not use it (like a lot of people). Instead, we should ride an electric-assist bike to commute to and from work, go do errands or just enjoying riding outside, and then relax at home.

A lot of bike companies are mass-producing a bicycle with just two wheels. Some cyclists like the two-wheel version because they have a very good balance. Yet, a lot more people will have a poor balance and can not ride one of these bikes. As a result, just two wheels are very unstable because a lot of cyclists will crash just from turning too sharply or from a wet or icy road. Moreover, some people will have to carry heavier items: whether it is another person, pet, packages or grocery items. The solution is just switching from two wheels to three. Physical inactivity causes more than 3 million deaths every year, according to the World Health Organization. Records show that the 17th century had tricycles. Stephan Farffler, an elderly German watchmaker who has been disabled, decided to build the first tricycle. His 3 wheel bike inventor made it easier to move. Nevertheless, some people restrain from “conquering” the bicycle by one form of disability of the other, lack of stamina or fear of sustaining injuries.

A balanced center of gravity offers adult trikes to prevent falls, tips or other hazards as necessary and, as a result, is more stable as well. By having three wheels, any person can steadily ascend a hilly landscape, or pass a wet, loose or poorly maintained roads, and still would not fall. Furthermore, a tricycle makes it perfect for carrying heavier loads. It just needs a basket. Three-wheel tricycles are a great solution to the majority of our problems. They can help people with a wide range of physical limitations, is more stable than a two-wheel bicycle, and can even carry heavy loads while enjoying the outside world.

The typical bike will have to buy extra bike accessories and even that is not nearly close to all of the accessories in a fully enclosed tricycle. The most important accessory is a barrier from the elements but a typical bike does not have it. Some people can endure rain, snow, and high winds but a lot more people do not like being exposed to the elements. They like being protected while enjoying the ride. Furthermore, they may have weather-sensitive cargo or even animals, like rain or a specific temperature. Plus, if you get in an accident, the unibody will take most of the damage. Besides, with a fully enclosed unibody, it will have seatbelts and even built-in headlights and taillights. On the other hand, maybe it is a hot summer day? Simple, it can have a built-in ventilation system, too. Just open the vents to allow fresh air to circulate. If the day is a bit colder, close the vents to stop the cold air to get inside. A typical bike will not do that. A tricycle’s fully enclosed unibody will have all of the features of a car: from protection from the weather to take the majority of the damage and even will have a good ventilation system.

In the future, we will mass-produce the electric-assist fully enclosed tricycle because, if we do not do something to improve our exercise routine, we will have a shorter lifespan and will be littered with chronic illness. The future tricycle will be pretty expensive because all of the features will cost time and money. Nevertheless, it will have 24 months or 48 months no interest plan that anyone can afford. Yet, in the present, some companies are already building their own electric-assist fully enclosed tricycle and you can buy one right now. The Raht Racer can go highway speed (90 mph!) with a very powerful electric motor, the unibody is streamlined with just one recumbent seat, and it is fully enclosed with basic equipment (headlights, taillights, and one seat belt). Yet the price is very high (from $35,000 to $45,000), the vehicle class is a motorcycle (so you need a driver’s license to drive one), and the inside is very claustrophobic, especially any tall person. Veemo’s is an electric-assist tricycle and is also fully enclosed with basic equipment as well. However, it can only go 19 mph with pedaling and electric motor together, the seat is an upright position, there is no passenger seat, and only be rentable at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, for right now.

The Organic Transit Elf is an electric-assist tricycle, partially enclosed (but without doors) with basic equipment, and can even have a passenger seat in the back of the driver’s seat. The drawback is that it will cost approximately $9000, the seat is also an upright position, and can only go around 25 mph. The Pebl electric-assist tricycle is fully enclosed with basic equipment, made from hemp and soy composite, there is a passenger seat in the back of the driver’s seat, and also can go 30 mph with pedaling. The price is a little bit higher than the Elf, from $11,000 to $13,000, and is an upright sitting position as well. Whether you choose from the expensive Raht Racer, renting a Veemo, or buying a reasonably affordable Elf or Pebl, is all up to your style and your budget. On the other hand, you can just wait until you can buy the tricycle of the future.

The conclusion is simple if we want to extend our lives and fight against diseases. The recumbent sitting position is a lot more comfortable on longer trips and great for a prolonged workout. The electric-assistance is needed for steep environment and to help to ride with all types of people. Three-wheeled, also, can help with physically-limiting people, more stable than a two-wheeled, and can even carry heavier loads. Fully enclosed unibody will have the protection from the elements, will take the majority of the damage instead of you, and will even have a good ventilation system. From renting a Veemo, buying either an Elf, Pebl, Raht Racer or just waiting until the future tricycle, the choice is in your budget. We humans are not the same body types. Some are taller, some are smaller, some are wider, and some are thinner. Still, all of us have to exercise at least two-and-a-half hours every week to prolong our lives and to combat sickness. We can ride an electric-assist fully enclosed cargo tricycle to finish multiple goals and then do other things at home, like socializing with families, friends or playing with pets.

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