How Does Romeo and Juliet End?

Updated: November 28, 2022
Romeo and Juliet end up dead, side by side in each other's arms, after Romeo kills himself when he believes Juliet is dead.
Detailed answer:

This classic tragedy follows the love story between Romeo and Juliet and the feud that develops between their families. The doomed lovers have their moment of happiness before they die in each other’s arms at the end, together in Juliet’s tomb. The families end their feud after the death of their children, but it is too late for Romeo and Juliet. Moreover, Friar Lawrence is banished for his role in the tragedy. The Nurse is heartbroken over Juliet’s death, but she accepts that it was her fault, not Romeo’s. The deaths of the couple bring peace to Verona and end the feud between the Montagues and Capulets forever. Romeo and Juliet’s love is eternal, so even though they are dead there will always be stories about them being together forever. The tragedy highlights the importance of communication and understanding between parents and children so that no one else has to die like this again! The tragedy also highlights the dangers of hasty decisions and acting on impulse—you may think you know what you want right now but if you take too long to think things through then it could lead to someone getting hurt like what happened here with Romeo killing Tybalt before he could even talk things out with him first.

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