How Old Is Hassan In The Kite Runner?

Updated: December 12, 2022
Hassan is 10 years old in the beginning of the novel, and 11 by the end.
Detailed answer:

Hassan is the 10-year-old son of Ali and Sanaubar. This can be seen by looking at the passages where he describes his age: “My father was thirty-five years old that spring,” (Chapter 3) and “I was almost eleven,” (Chapter 21). Hassan lives in the Hazara neighborhood of Kabul along with his parents and two brothers, Sohrab and Rahim. He is an expert kite runner, having been taught by his father, who was a champion kite runner in his youth.

Hassan has a close relationship with Amir, who sends him to school at Father Francis’s orphanage for Hazaras. Hassan also helps Amir fly his kites and is proud to be Amir’s friend, even though most of the neighborhood treats him poorly because he is Hazara.

A few years after Hassan’s death at the hands of Assef, Amir and Sohrab move to San Francisco. While visiting a park in Fremont, California, Amir finds a lost kite that turns out to be one Hassan had made for him before he died. The kite brings back all of Hassan’s memories, and Amir realizes how much Hassan meant to him.

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