How Was Odysseus a Hero?

Updated: November 28, 2022
Odysseus was a hero because he was brave and he was clever.
Detailed answer:

Odysseus is brave because he fought in many battles and he never gave up, even when things were going wrong. For example, when the Cyclops took his men, he said that he would never give up until they were rescued. When Odysseus went to visit the dead with Circe, he did not give up when she told him that it would be difficult to get out of there alive. He also faced many dangers in his journey home such as when the Sirens tried to lure him over to them so they could eat him.

Odysseus is also very clever because he has used his wits and intelligence throughout his adventures and this helped him survive them all. For example, when Odysseus wanted to get back home from Calypso’s island, Circe told him how to do it by using wax in his ears so that he couldn’t hear the Sirens’ song and then tying himself up to the ship so that if he did jump into the sea after hearing their song then he would still be tied onto the boat by its rope.

Odysseus is a hero because he is brave and clever but there are other reasons why he is a hero as well.

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