In What Way Has Gatsby Achieved the American Dream?

Updated: January 14, 2023
Gatsby has achieved the American Dream in that he has become incredibly wealthy and has built himself up from humble beginnings.
Detailed answer:

The American Dream is an idealized vision of life in America as one of prosperity, success and happiness. Many people believe that it is possible for anyone who works hard enough to achieve this dream — but this is not always true.

Gatsby has achieved the American Dream in terms of wealth and material possessions. He has made his fortune through bootlegging alcohol during prohibition and now lives in a huge mansion with an impressive wine cellar full of expensive wines (Jay Gatsby). He also owns several other properties around Long Island, which he rents out to wealthy tenants or uses as guest houses for his friends (Jay Gatsby).

But Gatsby has not been able to achieve the American Dream in terms of happiness and fulfillment, as he is constantly haunted by his own regrets. His obsession with Daisy Buchanan leads him into trouble when he tries to win her back from Tom Buchanan, a wealthy businessman from Chicago who lives nearby.

The tragedy of Gatsby’s story is that he was never able to fully achieve the American Dream, and his death ultimately represents the failure of the American Dream itself. Although Gatsby had become rich from bootlegging alcohol during Prohibition (1919-1933), he was never able to win back Daisy’s love or respectability in society.

The American Dream is ultimately an unattainable goal, and Gatsby’s story serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of chasing after an impossible dream.

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