How Does Gatsby Represent the American Dream?

Updated: January 10, 2023
Gatsby represents the American Dream because he is a self-made man who came from a poor background and managed to become extremely wealthy.
Detailed answer:

Gatsby’s wealth and a luxurious lifestyle are a direct representation of the American Dream because he achieved his goal of making money through illegal means, and he used that money to create an extravagant lifestyle for himself and others. He also showed off his wealth by throwing extravagant parties that were attended by the rich, famous, and powerful people in New York City. These parties were filled with expensive food, alcohol, and entertainment like jazz music. They were so extravagant that they drew attention from the newspapers, which meant they were also publicized all over town.

The American Dream was also about pursuing your goals with determination and tenacity; if you wanted something, you had to fight for it until you got it or died trying (or at least that was what people thought). Gatsby represents the American Dream through his determined pursuit of Daisy Buchanan. He worked hard to make all of this happen, including moving to New York from North Dakota and establishing himself as a wealthy man before returning to Long Island hoping to win back Daisy’s heart.

Another aspect of the American Dream was having friends who supported your dreams and helped you achieve them (or at least tried their best). This is demonstrated by Gatsby’s relationships with Nick Carraway and Jordan Baker.

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