What Does an Owl Represent in Native American Culture?

Updated: January 07, 2023
In many Native American cultures, owls are a symbol of death. This is because owls are often associated with the dark and with silence, and they are also known to be predators.
Detailed answer:

In Native American culture, the Great Horned Owl was considered to be an important symbol that represented wisdom and knowledge. In some cultures, owls were also seen as messengers of the gods or as bringers of good luck.

Owls are often associated with the night and with darkness. They are often viewed as mysterious creatures that live in secret places such as caves or forests where they can hunt small animals without being seen by humans. They hunt at night because they cannot see well during the day due to their lack of eyelids (although they can still see well enough to hunt). In some Native American cultures, owls represent peace and tranquility because they do not kill for food. Owls only eat animals that have already died naturally or that cannot defend themselves against predators such as owls.

In some cultures, owls are seen as harbingers of death because their calls sound like human screams when they’re hunting for food at night. Some Native Americans believed that when an owl flew into your house it meant that someone had died in your family or community.

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