What Does Piggy Represent In Lord of The Flies?

Updated: November 28, 2022
Piggy represents the civilized and rational side of human nature, while also representing the physical weakness of humans.
Detailed answer:

Piggy is a representation of the civilized society that the boys have left behind. He is a symbol of intelligence and reason, and he tries to keep the boys from descending into savagery.

The other boys, who represent evil in this story, mock and bully him because of his size. They also take advantage of his kindness by using him as an easy target for their pranks and jokes. This represents the way that society can treat those who are different from others—and it also shows how much we need people like Piggy in our lives.

Piggy’s glasses represent the power of science and technology, which the boys use to start fires and to help them see in the dark. Without this technology, they would be lost on their island!

Piggy’s death is a symbol of the loss of innocence and the descent into savagery. When he dies, everything changes for Ralph—he realizes that there is no hope left for them if they continue down this path. It’s a turning point for him: either they can return to civilization or they will lose themselves forever in darkness.

Piggy’s role in the story is to provide a contrast between himself and other boys on their island.

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