What Does Frankenstein Do After His Creation Comes To Life?

Updated: November 28, 2022
Frankenstein is terrified of his creation and runs away. His creation, enraged and confused, chases after him.
Detailed answer:

Frankenstein’s creation is born, and he’s overjoyed.
He immediately begins to teach his creation all of the knowledge that he has, in hopes that they will live together happily as father and son.
But as time goes on, Frankenstein realizes that his creation is not like other humans. He is stronger, faster, and more intelligent than any other human.
Frankenstein starts to feel like he is a burden to his son, so he decides to leave him behind. His son begs him to stay, but Frankenstein leaves anyway.
His son eventually learns to survive on his own and becomes quite successful. However, Frankenstein still feels guilty for leaving him behind.

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