Where Does Frankenstein Take Place?

Updated: November 28, 2022
The novel Frankenstein is set in Geneva, Switzerland, and Ingolstadt, Germany.
Detailed answer:

Frankenstein takes place in a number of different locations, including Geneva, Ingolstadt and the Arctic.

The novel begins in Geneva, where the Monster is created. The scientist Dr. Frankenstein creates his monster there after he steals body parts from graveyards and uses them to create a being that he thinks will be able to think and feel like a human being.

Frankenstein then moves to Ingolstadt, where Victor Frankenstein attends university and creates the Monster. After creating his monster, Victor Frankenstein goes off to university in Ingolstadt, where he meets Henry Clerval and becomes interested in science again after hearing about galvanism from his professor Waldman. It is here that he also meets Elizabeth Lavenza (also known as “Lizzie”), who becomes his wife later on in the novel.

The majority of the novel takes place in the Arctic, where Frankenstein pursues the Monster in an attempt to destroy him. After creating his monster, Victor Frankenstein goes on an expedition through Norway—and eventually finds himself at sea with Captain Walton aboard “The Nautilus”.

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