How Does Frankenstein End?

Updated: September 20, 2022
The novel ends with Frankenstein's monster killing Frankenstein in revenge and then dying himself.
Detailed answer:

After years of being alone in the Arctic, Frankenstein’s monster is finally destroyed by a group of sailors.

This story starts with Victor Frankenstein who has just created a monster from dead body parts. The monster is very angry and wants revenge on his creator for creating him without a brain. The monster kills Victor’s wife Elizabeth and Victor vows to hunt down his creation and kill it. The monster then goes through many adventures including killing people so he can create a mate for himself as well as traveling across Europe and falling in love with a woman named Justine who he eventually kills as well because she reminds him of Elizabeth. After all this excitement, he ends up living in the Arctic where he meets a group of sailors who discover him and destroy him so that no one else will ever suffer like they did under the hands of this creature.”

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